Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Downstairs, Lily's still playing with her baby clothes. She sniffs one of the sweaters. Ew, I bet it doesn't smell too fresh. The doorbell rings. "Jake?" she calls through the door. But it's Rick; he forgot his key. She says that's why she always leaves one under the mat. He asks whether she was expecting Jake. She says he's coming by to get the girls for the weekend and adds, "Of course it was you. It had to be you!" And then, sweet merciful god, she breaks into song. Or a close approximation thereof. She starts butchering "It Had to Be You," and grabs Rick to dance. He joins in and starts singing with her. We fade to Judy, slumped on a box in the attic and looking forlorn, as some guy takes over the vocals. It sounds like the guy who always sings at Phil's. Judy cradles a doll in her arm and leans forward to stroke the hair of another one that's tucked into an old cradle. She rocks the cradle wistfully as we fade to Will Gluck heading out Lily's back door. He pauses to glance toward the attic, then smiles to himself before walking away. Lily and Rick, meanwhile, are still swaying together in the foyer, looking -- for the first time in a long time -- like a couple with a spark of romance between them.

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Once and Again




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