Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Cut to the PagesAlive.com office. Lily, the new marketing expert, is telling Crusty that she thinks Graham's approach is all wrong -- they should not be going for large, corporate sponsorship. It's all wrong for their "demographic." Lily says "most of [their] hits are from young, single people who collect piercings and inflatable furniture." How did that escape Graham's attention? She says they should be going after "entertainment tie-ins" and "mass merchandising." Graham overhears Lily's argument and steps closer. Crusty indicates his presence with her eyes, and Lily trails off. He questions what Lily was saying, and Crusty jumps in, trying to cover Lily's ass by saying Lily was just responding to something she had said. Graham says what he heard sounded good, and asks Lily to finish her thought. Lily takes a sip of coffee, looks uncomfortable, and is saved by the bell -- Crusty's telephone. Relieved, she excuses herself to dash off to grab it. Crusty smirks after her. She's up to something.

"You can't be serious," Lily gripes, in Crusty's office. Crusty, distracted, examines a transparency of some guy's picture. Crusty clarifies that "it's" not coming from Graham, who is being "so careful around [Lily] that he'd never suggest the two of [them] work together." Lily says that's good, because "the answer is no!" She plops defiantly onto Crusty's couch. Crusty somehow manages to stay calm, and points out that the hottest trend in the internet these days is bankruptcy. She says she's willing to hire a temp for a week to free Lily to work on her idea with Graham. Lily doesn't respond, though, because she's distracted by what she sees happening in the outer office: Graham placing his hand on the back of a young female employee. Lily finally slides her eyes back to Crusty, who mistakes her silence for a negotiating tactic. Crusty laughs and says, "Okay, three weeks." Lily still doesn't say anything but continues staring at the outer-office flirtation. Crusty 's getting impatient, pointing out that she's offering Lily a chance to prove herself, and snaps that she thought that's what Lily's always wanted. Lily tears her eyes away from Graham, takes a deep breath, forces a smile, and gives a tiny, half-hearted nod.

Cut to Rick entering through the back door of Manning Manor. He calls out for Lily as he moves through the house, and bumps into Will Gluck -- Will Gluck! -- coming down the stairs. Rick almost drops backward with a coronary. Will moves to the bench in the foyer, pulling off his coat, and tells Rick that Lily's upstairs. Will adds that he can come earlier tomorrow; he'll just let himself in with the key Lily leaves under the mat. "She's still doing that?" Rick asks incredulously. "I told her not to!" Will agrees that it's the first place people look, and mentions that there's some ice damage in the attic, which is where the leak is coming from. Rick looks up toward the ceiling and says he's never seen the attic, as if it's something he can't quite believe.

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Once and Again




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