Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Cut to Judy retrieving Zoe and Grace from the restaurant. Zoe can't take her eyes off something over Judy's shoulder, and Judy turns to find Jake leaning on the bar, flirting with the bartender who's grabbing him by the tie. "That's Jennica, by the way," Grace says in a contemptuously bubble-headed voice. Zoe explains, unimpressed, that "it's a combination of Jennifer and Jessica." She then declares that "a person's name should be either Jessica or Jennifer, not both." My spellcheck agrees. Jake spots them and sidles over. He scoops up Zoe for a hug, while Grace turns to tell Judy, disgusted, that they'll wait outside. She shoots Jake a derisive glance and icily offers her cheek when he goes to kiss her goodbye. "Bye!" Jennica chirps eagerly over the bar. She totally belongs on one of those stupid Herbal Essences commercials. Zoe and Grace smile insincerely and say a syrupy goodbye. Judy, meanwhile, looks like she's about to lay into Jake, but she doesn't have a chance because someone over her shoulder exclaims, "Judy?"

Oh, god, no. It's Paul, that smiley psycho dweeb Judy went out with briefly, before he went looney tunes on her on the sidewalk. Jake rushes over to shake his hand, explaining to Judy that Paul is one of his best customers, and one of the few who didn't abandon him after the busboy fiasco. Paul grins and apologizes for "the last time," and Judy stammers through a phony smile that it's okay. Then he asks whether she's had dinner yet, but it's a good bet that Judy won't have an appetite for a while. She mumbles that her nieces are waiting for her and, when Jennica calls to Jake for something, she uses the distraction to slip toward the door. Jake jokes that Paul has his choice of tables, and Paul grins like the ass he is. He calls out to Judy's retreating back that it was good to see her. "You too," she lies, breaking for the door. She doesn't actually go through it, though, but returns to spy on Paul with an uncertain look.

Cut to Judy scooting into the kitchen, where she glances over her shoulder and whispers to Jake that she stopped seeing "that guy." Grace pops through the door, answering my own question about how impatient they must be getting in the car, and snipes, "Can we go? Or is [again with the cheerleader voice] Jennica driving us home?" Jake is not amused and says that Judy will be right out. Once they're alone again, Judy nervously asks whether Paul ever asks about her, and Jake says that he mentions her once in a while. Judy says that Paul "went completely ballistic" when she broke up with him. Jake is stunned and glances through the window to the restaurant. He then proceeds to scare the pants off Judy, saying you can never be sure what people can do -- he never expected "that kid to pull a gun on [him] and then shoot himself." Jake muses that "you never know who people are," while Judy's eyes threaten to drop right out of her head as she imagines the possibilities.

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Once and Again




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