Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Cut to Lily's place as Judy and the girls come through the front door. Lily asks how dinner was, and Zoe answers her with a snide, "We met Jennica." They keep saying the girl's name like she's a social disease. Lily repeats the name in surprise, and Judy explains the origin of the name. Zoe asks whether Will Gluck is there, and Judy looks taken aback. Lily confirms that he is and whispers an apology to Judy. Judy plays it off like it doesn't bother her at all, while Zoe brags that she recognized his truck. Then the little heartbreaker-in-training announces that she has to change. "Into what?" Grace teases, "a person who needs a bra?" Zoe tells her to shut up, and they disappear upstairs. Lily shows Judy a box, and says she found a bunch of stuff in the attic. She pulls out an egg coddler, an old wedding gift, and Judy seizes the opportunity to sing her sad, sad spinster song. She claims it's unfair that Lily's getting married again, and that she'll haul in even more presents, while Judy's "all alone on [her] island, trying to make fire." Lily tries to fill the gaping hole in Judy's life with the egg coddler. Which would have been a nicer gesture, had she not just finished telling Judy how useless the thing is.

Will Gluck trucks down the stairs and interrupts them. Zoe's hot on his heels. Judy stands up while her jaw hangs down, and silently follows Will Gluck with her eyes. She turns to continue staring when he moves behind her to get his coat. He says goodbye to Zoe -- a woman who truly appreciates him -- and Lily calls out a "goodnight" as he's going out the door. He says goodnight without raising his eyes while closing the door behind himself. Judy just keeps standing and staring. At least she managed to pull her jaw back up. She raises a finger and threatens Lily over her shoulder: "Whatever you're thinking -- don't." Lily feigns innocence and then asks who Jennica is. "Who do ya think?" Judy mutters disgustedly and then answers herself, "Jake's new port in the storm." She heads for the kitchen and turns to see Lily's reaction, saying, "Oh, you can't really be shocked." She says that every time he comes into he bookstore, he has to check out the wall of singles. And "he's always treated Tiffany like some rabbit he pulled out of a hat that he can't get to disappear." Judy forgets to mention that whole little matter of him cheating on Lily back in the day. Lily seems to have forgotten too, saying, "She's carrying his baby! How does she bear it?" Now Judy points out that Lily took it, and says that was worse, because Lily "was his actual wife." Lily lets this sink in for a minute, then casts her eyes to the floor.

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Once and Again




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