Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Lily changes the subject by blurting out that she's going to be working with Graham to try to get PagesAlive.com a sponsor. Rick asks if she really thinks that's a good idea. Clearly, he doesn't. Lily says you can't hold things against people for the rest of their lives. "You can't?" he asks. Lily shoots him a look. He asks why she never told him about the attic: "It's a great space." He mutters that it would make "a great studio or something." Or extra bedroom for your kid...just saying. Lily continues her own conversation, saying that it's a really good opportunity. When he doesn't say anything, she prods, "Ri-ick?" He says, "I just think it's dangerous -- leaving keys where people can find them." She smiles indulgently, kisses his cheek, and then snuggles down against his shoulder.

Judy, meanwhile, is living la vida loca. She's sprawled out on her floral-print couch (which strikes my as a very non-Judy piece of furniture) reading. The phone rings. She actually manages to grab it before her lightning-fast machine picks up. She's met with silence. Exhalation. Silence. She repeats, "Hello?" a couple of times, panic seeping into her voice. Hang up! Never let them know they're getting to you. It's like Rule #21 in the Single Girl Living Alone handbook. Judy obviously hasn't read it, though, because she keeps saying "Hello?" and asking who it is and why they're doing this. She finally clicks the phone off and slams it back into the cradle. She covers her mouth to hold in the fear. Here's an idea: dial Star-69. Do they have that in the States? Or better yet, get caller ID. I can't believe a veteran single chick is without it. We fade to commercials.

After the break, we return to the PagesAlive.com office. Lily's showing the temp how to work the phone system. It must be Skanky Friday or something. The chick is wearing a low-cut tank top and showing more cleavage than Elizabeth Hurley. ["And she's played by Devon Odessa, Sharon Cherski from My So-Called Life." -- Wing Chun] Graham's fresh-young-meat alarm goes off, and he sniffs the air, just to be sure. Then he follows his nose to Lily's desk, where he introduces himself to the temp; her name is Noel. Lily just ignores Graham, finishes her phone lesson, and says, "It's going to be a little dicey this first week, because we'll be sharing a desk." Graham says that Lily can put some stuff in his office if she wants. She looks at him like he just suggested a threesome with the new girl -- which in all fairness, he probably is thinking about -- and declines. She makes a point of not looking at him and asks Boobies whether she thinks she's got everything. "Hopefully," Boobies giggles. Graham expresses his confidence in Boobies's abilities, and can't seem to tear his eyes off them. Boobies drops a folder and squats to pick it up. Graham's right down there with her, saying that "it's good luck to drop something the first day." Lily rolls her eyes and tears a paper in half. She shoots Graham the stink-eye, and he asks, "What?" She looks down and says, in this tight-assed voice, "Nothing." Graham suggests that they get started, and Lily snaps that she has to make a phone call first. Graham brightly suggests that she use his office. She glares at him, looks away, then grudgingly heads toward his office exuding negativity from every pore. Boobies watches her and looks anxious.

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Once and Again




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