Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Cut to Lily scribbling notes in Graham's office. She glances warily to where he's stretched out on the couch, reading more notes. She glances from him to the outer office, where Boobies the Temp is busy being an airhead again. Graham catches Lily when she looks back to him. "This is good," he says, tapping the notepad. I guess those are some of Lily's notes. She gives him the stink-eye and bitterly sucks the straw of her take-out beverage. Unfazed, Graham turns his attention back to the notes. After a second or two, he looks up to the outer office, and catches Boobies's eye. She arches her back a little and smiles at him. I'm so embarrassed for her. The exchange doesn't escape Lily's attention, and when Graham reiterates, "Really, really strong. I mean it," and taps the notepad again, she just glares at him. She sets down her drink and says, all business, "Good."

Jake, meanwhile, is chatting with Judy near the bar as she signs her credit card stub for lunch. He wants the scoop on her companion, glancing over at Karen, who's shaking out her hair and pulling on her scarf. "Don't go there," Judy warns. Then, apropos of nothing, she asks, "Could you use an egg coddler?" Even stranger than the question is the fact that Judy has the thing with her, and it's resting on the bar. She hands the box to Jake, saying Lily's cleaning out the attic. "Lily? Cleaning?" he repeats in disbelief. "Yeah, you know, they're having it...redone," Judy mutters distractedly, watching Karen. Jake's head swivels around so fast I'm amazed there isn't spinal damage. "Are they?" he asks. Judy spills, apparently without even thinking about it, that the attic is going to be Rick's work space or something. A light dawns in Jake's eyes as he digests this. "I see," he finally says, no doubt referring to the mental image of himself, flopped face-down over a barrel, with Lily giving it to him and Rick cheering her on. He stares, transfixed, as Judy again asks if he wants the coddler. Karen comes into the screen, making it apparent that he was staring at her. He introduces himself, oozing charm. Their eyes lock as they smile at one another, and Judy plays the role of lifeguard, ushering Karen out and telling them to "say goodbye now." Karen smiles a goodbye at him, and he smiles one back, watching her go. Jenni-who?

Will Gluck is busy sanding the hole he cut in the ceiling above Lily's fridge. Judy pops through the back door and then stops, surprised to see him. She smiles up at his back, as he calls, "Hi Lily," over his shoulder. "It's me," Judy says, sounding like a little girl, as she grins up at him. Will turns and looks at her without smiling. He's wearing glasses, which make him look smart. Judy likes. She stumbles backward into the kitchen, not taking her eyes off him, as she stammers that Lily leaves the key under the mat. Will wordlessly returns to sanding the ceiling as Judy blathers on. Judy asks if he'll tell Lily she can't use the egg coddler after all, and he stops sanding to look down at the box in her hand. Judy nervously tries cracking jokes about the coddler, and Will again returns to sanding, no smile in sight. Judy realizes she's falling flat and tries a new tack, asking Will about the work he's doing for Lily. Judy smiles and says, somewhat giddily, "I've always wanted an attic. Ever since I read Jane Eyre." She smiles up at Will and bats her eyelashes, forgetting, I guess, that he has no idea what she's talking about.

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Once and Again




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