Once and Again
Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Lily's still hard at work, furiously scribbling notes. Graham glances up from the laptop on his desk and asks, "Whaddaya got?" She holds up a finger to shush him so she can finish writing down an idea.

Judy blabs on about attics in books, and I guess she's been at it awhile, since Will's not got the hole filled with drywall and is drilling the sheet in place. Judy asks, "Isn't there an attic in Ethan Frome?" Will looks at her like she's insane. A creaking sound gets their attention, and they turn to find Rick in the kitchen doorway, smiling self-consciously as he apologizes for interrupting. Judy stammers and acts like he just caught them slapping nakeds on the countertop, while Rick just looks from her to Will, taking it all in. Judy scrabbles to grab her things and asks Rick to tell Lily she doesn't want the egg coddler. Then she flies out the back door without even taking the time to put her coat on. Rick fishes something from his molar with his tongue, then looks knowingly at Will.

Cut to the two of them upstairs in the attic, Rick surveying the space while complimenting Will on what he "did for Judy." Will doesn't say anything, but keeps working on the patch. "I mean at the bookstore," Rick clarifies. He apologizes for interrupting Will and Judy in the kitchen, and Will quickly assures him "there was nothing to walk in on." Rick gives him an evaluating look and asks, "So you two aren't...uh..." He makes diddlling gestures with his fingers. Will assures him they're not and continues working on the patch. "She can be quite a handful, sometimes," Rick offers, causing Will to look up from his work. "Judy," Rick adds, just in case Will is totally daft. "But I mean, she's an okay person," he says softly, nodding to emphasize his point. Will looks awkward and asks Rick to hand him a crowbar. He attacks the floor with it, and Rick smiles to himself.

Boobies the Temp bounces into Graham's office to tell Lily that she has a call on line three, and that she doesn't know how to put it through. She's about to turn and leave, but Lily stops her to ask who's on the line. Oh, Boobies forgot to ask. Wow, maybe that whole stereotype about blondes with big breasts is true after all. Lily picks up the call. It's Jake, calling from the restaurant while Jennica does some bar stuff in the background. "Tiffany?" Jake asks. Lily corrects him and shirtily reminds him that he called her. "Right, right. Listen," he says, sitting down and warming up, "I'm not paying for half of your so-called home repairs, quote unquote." Lily snarks, "I don't believe this!" Jake tells her to believe it, and Lily whines, "These are not home improvements; this is a necessity!" Jake's not buying. "Yeah, for Sammler," he grumbles. Lily doesn't understand what he means by that, but instead of asking him to clarify, she asks what she's supposed to do. Jake lies that he's "sitting here with [his] accountant" and there's no way he can pay for the repairs. Lily turns her head and catches sight of Graham, who's slipped out to the outer office where he's feeding carrot sticks to Boobies. Lily looks personally affronted. I'm not into public displays, either, but I think she's getting a little more twisted than the situation merits. "I want Tiffany's number," she growls into the phone, not taking her eyes of Graham. Jake is incredulous. So much so that he holds the phone out in front of him an looks at it like he's not sure what it is. He asks why, and Lily snaps that she just needs it. I'm not sure why, but Jake's actually going to give it to her. He says he'll get it, and Lily bitches, "You don't know her number by heart?" He grits that he said he'll get it. Lily watches as Graham dabs Boobies's mouth with a napkin. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Lily is so stunned that she can't even hold the phone up to her ear anymore. She closes her eyes and slowly rests her forehead against her hand as we fade to commercials.

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Once and Again




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