Once and Again
Jake And The Women

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Jake And The Women

Soliloquy Jake shouts, "And for something that I don't even agree with!" He's still surrounded by all the ladies, who are yelling back at him. How has his head not exploded yet?

Back in the kitchen, Zoe stares at him with undisguised disgust. Jake passes off the food trays and snaps, "What else do you want me to do? Here I am! You want me to vacuum? You want me to serve drinks? Huh? Tell me! You want me to demonstrate the breast pump for the ladies? Because, hey, I know how to do that!" I'll bet. Grace interjects a weak "Daddy!" Jake's on a roll, though, and nothing's going to stop him: "What I don't know, Lily, what I have no freakin' idea about, is what you all want from me!"

Soliloquy Jake turns on the women as he screams this, confronting them for the first time. They just keep yelling.

"Okay?" Jake barks at Lily. Tiffany appears in the doorway and softly says, "Hey, Jake." He snaps, "Yes. What?" She asks whether he's staying for the shower. "No! No I am not staying for the shower!" he barks. Then he turns on his heel and slams out the back door. Tiffany hangs her head and mumbles a hurt "Fine," before heading back to the living room. Everyone else looks glumly around the kitchen.

After the break, Jake heads to the bookstore for some quiet. He finds Rick and Sam installing the big Booklovers sign over one of the shelves. He asks whether they need a hand, and picks up a basketball lying on one of the tables. They've just finished, though. Rick asks what Jake thinks of it. Jake thinks it looks pretty good. He asks whether they're "going to shoot some hoop" and tosses Sam the ball. Sam complains that they would if he could get Rick to stop working for one minute. Rick says, "Well, they've got that baby shower going on at the house..." "So you're hiding out," Jake says knowingly. "Pretty much," Rick admits. "They're probably doing something with doilies right about now," Sam says. "Expressing their feelings," Rick adds. Oh, the horror. "They only need us for sperm anyhow," Sam complains, as if he has a problem with that. (And, oh how prophetic that statement may prove to be, hmm?) Jake agrees. Sam tosses the ball to Jake and invites him to play with them. Rick adds, "Come on, we'll sprain something. It'll be fun." Jake manages to turn down the opportunity to injure himself. He tosses the ball back to Sam and heads for the office while Sam and Rick return to their old-married-couple routine.

Meanwhile, over at the shower, Brandi and Tiffany are at the food table. Brandi immediately reveals herself to be a class act by commenting on the size of Tiffany's breasts, declaring them to be "real milkers." Grace wanders up to the trough, and Tiffany introduces them. Brandi brings Grace up to speed on the boobie talk. "Oh, cool," Grace mutters, utterly mortified. Tiffany laughs and tells Grace she's really funny. Grace slowly steps away from the crazy pregnant lady, and finds Brandi admiring a family photo. Brandi asks, "Who is this guy?" Grace says it's her stepfather. "He's a hottie!" Brandi declares. Grace answers, "That is not a conversation that I can have." Brandi obligingly changes the subject by asking, "Okay, who's this guy?" Grace rolls her eyes and gets the hell away from stupid Brandi. Undeterred, Brandi carries the photo over to Tiffany.

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Once and Again




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