Once and Again
Jake And The Women

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Jake And The Women

Cut to the darkening bookstore, where Lily's cautiously making her way to the office. Jake's looking over something on a clipboard when she finds him. They make a little small talk, and Jake asks, "Shouldn't you be at the shower?" Lily hops up on the desk and says, "Yeah." After a second, she says, "Jake, I need to say something." "I'm sure you do," he groans. He takes a seat across from her, preparing for the siege. Lily says she thinks she's been insensitive, and she wants to apologize. She says he's "not a bad person" even though she "tend[s] to treat [him] like one." Jake sadly thanks her for saying it, but adds, "I just blew up in front of my girls, and I can only imagine what they think of that." Lily gives him a sympathetic smile, and says, "Jake, they love you. You must know that." Jake doesn't seem to think it makes a difference, and says he wonders sometimes whether "everybody wouldn't be better off if [he] just went away somewhere." Lily's not going to let him wallow for long. "Why, because everyone wants something from you?" she demands. "Jake, do you realize how they see you?" He laughs wryly and says, "As a screw-up?" "No. They see you as this powerful figure in their lives, who knows things, and can do things and can give them protection and love and fun." Jake finally looks up at her. "Why do you think my father loved you so much?" she asks softly. She answers her own question: "Because he knew you would take care of us no matter what. He knew you were that kind of person." Jake looks her in the eye, and sighs. "You didn't think I was that kind of person." Lily smiles and assures him that, even though their marriage had a lot of problems, "none of them had to do with who [he was] as a father." She hops off the desk and says she should get back. They give one another's hand a squeeze before she goes.

Cut to the food table at Manning Manor, where Tiffany's back for seconds. She tells Judy that she can't seem to stop eating, so Judy piles her plate high with food. Tiffany says, "This is a great party. I'm having the best time." Judy smiles at her. She grows thoughtful for a second and then asks shyly, "Can I ask you something? What's it like to know you have this life inside you?" Tiffany tries to explain, "Sometimes it feels like indigestion. And other times, when I'm so aware that there's this person inside me who will have an opinion and a hairstyle and a certain laugh, it's just so amazing to me that this is even possible." She laughs self-consciously and says she's not very good at explaining things. Judy looks all lit up inside and assures Tiffany that she explained it perfectly.

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Once and Again




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