Once and Again
Jake And The Women

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Jake And The Women

Soliloquy Judy's feeling a little bitter about the whole thing. "I always give a receiving blanket," she says. "I buy them ten at a time." I feel you, Judy. Not because I want kids of my own, but because it seems like everyone I know took an oath to do the pregnancy thing in tandem.

Lily tells Tiffany to think about it and let them know. Tiffany gushes, "You're so nice to be so nice about it!" Lily's so nice, in fact, that Tiffany has to pee.

Soliloquy Judy also looks full of piss, but not quite in the same way.

Cut to Jake striding across the bookstore, clucking, "Vic! Vic, Vic, Vic, Vic, Vic." He arrives next to some buzz-headed guy in a flannel shirt, and asks him to do something about "these transitions," pointing out that someone could trip over them. Vic agrees. Jake asks if they could do it before they open next week. Vic gives Jake another "yep." Vic is a man of few words. Jake thanks him and strides back to the coffee bar as Tiffany emerges from the washroom. She calls out to him and asks whether he still has time to do "that hospital tour" with her that evening. Jake stops straightening a table to say that he can. He asks her to excuse him for a second, and starts striding across the store again. He nearly bumps into Judy, who points to the floor and says, "Somebody could trip over that." She asks whether he can fix it. Jake pastes a smile on his face, swallows hard, and patronizes, "Hey, that's a great idea!"

Soliloquy Jake stares hard into the camera. "Like I said, I am beset." At least you're not a gynecologist with Shelley Long for an assistant, and a daughter who's in love with her maid of honor. Things could be worse.

Judy thanks Jake and paces over to the table he was straightening. Tiffany's still standing there. Judy starts wrangling with the table -- undoing Jake's work, I guess -- and Tiffany offers her knowledge of feng shui if Judy'd like some help. Judy fakes a thank-you. Tiffany wobbles a little and says she needs to sit down, so Judy helps her into a chair. She asks whether she can get Tiffany anything, but Tiffany declines, saying she just feels "so large." Judy assures Tiffany that she's absolutely got that "glow thing" going on, which Tiffany is thrilled to hear. Judy starts setting cups around the table. Tiffany watches her closely, with a thoughtful "Huh." She says she just had a weird vision of Judy with a baby. Judy asks whose baby it was. "Your baby!" Tiffany chirps. Judy tries to act like her uterus isn't singing hallelujah. Absently, she rubs a hand over one of her ovaries. She tries to shrug it off, saying, "Well, I can't see how that would happen!"

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Once and Again




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