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Jake And The Women

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Jake And The Women

Soliloquy Judy tries to play it off, too. Except that when she looks down, her belly is definitely full of baby.

Tiffany tells Judy that it's just what she saw, and lumbers up out of the chair, saying that she needs to take a nap before the hospital tour. Judy watches her go, rattled.

After commercials, we join Zoe, Grace, and Lily in the kitchen of Manning Manor. Lily's writing out a list while Zoe tells them about a ritual that was part of a baby shower one of her friend's moms threw. Grace asks her what it was. Zoe says it was something to do with candles and chanting and "women being goddesses." Grace looks like someone just pinched her ass. "I'm not going to this," she declares. Lily says she has to. Grace complains that she "doesn't get the whole baby-culture thing." Lily and Zoe don't know what she's talking about. Grace wrinkles her nose and gripes, "It just seems like everywhere you go, there are people with strollers." "So?" Lily asks mildly. Grace says, "So, I don't get it." Lily assures her that she will someday. "I might not," Grace sniffs before heading out of the kitchen. What a tragic loss of sunny DNA that would be.

Meanwhile, Jake and Tiffany are strolling through the hospital parking lot on their way to his car. Tiffany says that she found it "too sterile." Jake points out that it is a hospital. Tiffany says she thinks she'd rather have the baby at home, and that they should look into a midwife. Jake chuckles uncomfortably and says, "You know, insurance won't pay for that." Tiffany says she knows, but that she's just not comfortable in the hospital. To change the subject, she says, "Did I tell you that Zoe wants to have a baby shower for me?" Jake stops walking for a second and says that he would have remembered that if she'd mentioned it. "Isn't it sweet?" Tiffany asks. Jake perfunctorily agrees and quickly asks, "How did this happen?" They reach the car, and Tiffany says, "It was Zoe's idea. And Lily's, too, I guess." She watches Jake's expression for a second and tilts her head, adding, "You don't have to be involved, if that's what you're worried about." Jake says that's not what he's concerned about; he's worried that Grace and Zoe will get the wrong idea about him and Tiffany. Tiffany absorbs this for a second and counters that, regardless of their relationship, the baby is still "Zoe's sibling, and she's going to have expectations about that." Jake forces himself to take a deep breath and tries to put it into small words: "Kids see things more intensely. You let them throw you a baby shower, they're going to think we're getting married." He suggests that Tiffany get one of her girlfriends to throw her a shower if she wants one. Tiffany chews her lip for a second. "Fine, I'll tell them no," she says softly, opening the door. Jake stammers that his kids could go to another shower -- he's "not against it" -- but he thinks it's better this way. Tiffany turns and backs herself into the car without a word. Jake sighs.

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Once and Again




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