Once and Again
Jake And The Women

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Jake And The Women

Soliloquy Jake looks up at us over his shoulder. "She does. I swear." He's selling it a little too desperately.

Jake tells Judy that he'd like to give the girl a chance. Judy says she has to be comfortable with the people who are working for her. Jake points out that he's been hiring staff for a long time: "I think I know how to hire the right people." Their power struggle is interrupted by a woman calling out, "Hello?" Judy glances over Jake's shoulder and sees a reporter and photographer standing there. The reporter introduces herself, reminding Judy that she's from "The Trib." Judy shakes her hand and says she completely forgot the woman was coming. The reporter asks whether Judy has time for a quick interview and a few pictures. Judy glances at Jake excitedly and says, "Oh, absolutely! I need all the publicity we [sic] can get!" She leads them back toward the office, while Jake watches, smiling to keep himself from screaming.

"Jake, do you hear what I'm saying?" Soliloquy Judy pesters. Soliloquy Jake glances over his shoulder at her, and suddenly Tiffany's on the scene, too, berating him, "Jake, are you listening to me?" Jake looks out at us helplessly.

Cut to Zoe flopped on Grace's bed, flipping through old baby pictures. She holds one out to Grace, asking which of them it is. She then asks whether Grace wants Tiffany's baby to be a boy or a girl. Grace stops brushing her hair and sits next to Zoe on the bed. "I think a boy would be better," she says. Zoe agrees: "Me too. Then Dad would have someone to play baseball with." Grace resumes brushing her hair, saying, "I don't know how much time Dad'll want to spend with Tiffany's baby." "What do you mean? It's his baby, too," Zoe says. Grace says that Jake clearly doesn't want to marry Tiffany, and Zoe looks disappointed, as if she'd never considered that possibility before. Grace senses her drooping spirits and stretches out next to her, saying brightly, "But you're probably right. He'd be thrilled to have a boy." She thinks for a minute, then adds, "Hey, you know what would make a great decoration for the baby shower? All our old baby pictures." Zoe loves the idea. Grace picks up one of the pictures, teasing Zoe about her huge ears, as the camera backs out of the room.

Meanwhile, down in the kitchen, Rick's slamming back his coffee and heading for the door. "Hey!" Lily protests, halting his departure. He forgot to kiss her. They kiss. Jake knocks on the back door and cautiously opens it. Rick greets him and says the girls are upstairs. "Have a great day," Lily tells him, and Rick waves his hand like a kid, escaping out the back door. Jake uncomfortably asks whether Lily would like him to start waiting in the car. He says he can just honk for the girls. Lily rinses out her mug and calmly tells him to do whatever makes him comfortable. She changes the subject, saying she doesn't know whether Tiffany mentioned it, but that they're having a shower for her. She adds that it's okay if he'd like to come. Jake stammers that Tiffany did mention it, and says that he didn't think it was happening. Lily asks why it wouldn't be. "I just don't think it's a very good idea for Grace and Zoe," Jake says. Lily, unfazed, counters that the baby is going to be "their brother or sister." Jake says, "I just wish you would have [sic] checked with me first." Lily says she doesn't understand why he's so upset about a baby shower. "And I don't understand why you have to be so involved with Tiffany!" snaps Jake. Lily says she just wants to do something nice for Tiffany. "Well, that is so nice, and...and...saintly of you," Jake sneers. Lily asks what he wants her to do -- call it off? Jake says that's exactly what he wants. She thinks he's being ridiculous. "And you just can't seem to stay out of my business, can you?" he snaps.

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Once and Again




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