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Letting Go

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Letting Go

After commercials, we have a little déjà-vu as Lily races through the hospital. She meets up with Eli near the nurses' station, and he takes her to Rick's room, where a sleepy little sickie looks very happy to see her. It turns out he's got pneumonia. Lily says she's "such an idiot" for letting him get this sick without noticing it. Any arguments? Good, let's move on. Oh, wait, of course Rick objects -- Lily can do no wrong, after all. He says that his ex-wife wasn't very receptive about his "whining and moaning," which is why he kept it to himself. Looking at him lying there, Lily realizes that she's been extremely self-centered and that she's really taken him for granted. Before you get too excited, hold on -- there's more. Not only does Rick totally let her off the hook, but Lily says, "I want to say I'll make it up to you but that never seems to happen in life, does it?" Well, no, it doesn't just happen -- you may actually have to juggle your priorities a bit to make it happen. Man, for somebody who's always lecturing on what it means to be an adult, she really doesn't have a clue sometimes. So basically, Lily knows she's been an ass, but she's probably not going to do anything to change that. It's enough that she acknowledged it and smiled pretty, right? Well, for Rick it certainly seems to be. He just smiles weakly at her, with all kinds of love in his eye, and invites her to hop up on the bed with him. Maybe he could get a backbone transplant while he's in the hospital?

Cut to an exterior shot of the bookstore. It's nighttime and pouring rain. Grace is huddled under the eaves when Judy happens to glance out and spot her. She ushers Grace inside, asking if Lily knows where she is. Grace tells her Lily's at the hospital because Rick has pneumonia and Judy wants to know if he's all right. Grace bitches that "it's just like a really, really bad flu, but [her mom] freaked out and had to get over there as fast as she could and make this really big deal about it." Judy's busy pulling off Grace's wet shoes and socks, and Grace wonders, with a catch in her voice, if her feet smell. Fighting her tears, she tells Judy that she feels "like a ghost. Like everyone's walking around and she's just not there." Then she sobs and chokes out that she's "just so mad at [her] dad." She talks about how weird it is to think of her father having a secret life, in which he goes out and has sex with strangers. She says that finding out about Jake was like losing her grandpa -- one day he's there and everything's normal, and then...Judy sympathizes, suddenly realizing how much crap Grace has been dealing with lately. She rubs Grace's shoulders, saying that the "hardest part of growing up is finding out that people are just...people." Grace takes her hand and replies, "Not all people. You're not like that." Yeeouch. Softly, Judy says that she is like that. Grace, thankfully, doesn't latch on to this little admission, but instead seems to have inherited her mother's oblivious gene. She says that, if she ever gets married, she doesn't want Jake to walk down the aisle with her, because "that would just be gross." Then she really starts crying, because she always pictured having her dad with her on that big day. "Me too," Judy says, putting her arms around her.

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