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Letting Go

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Letting Go

Rick's office. He's sitting at his desk and sneezing so hard his face almost blows right off, all over his paperwork. Lily's with him, and in her best little-sweetie voice she asks him if she can get him anything. He knows better, though, and insists that he's fine and asks her to go on. It seems his sneezing fit interrupted Lily during another one of her bitch-and-moan sessions. If I were him, I'd get a pair of those novelty glasses with the fake eyes that make the wearer look like he's awake and paying full attention. Anyway, Lily is complaining hard about the situation with Grace and Jake. Rick suggests that she just let Grace be for now -- maybe let her try to resolve the problem on her own. He also says Lily may be projecting her own emotions onto Grace, considering all the crap she's been through in the past couple weeks. Lily tells him his suggestion is "radical" and, as Rick prepares another tissue for an imminent sneeze, he informs her that he is, in fact, "a radical fellow." Dude, you don't need to say it. Those sweater vests speak volumes.

Rick's sneezing carries us into the next scene, where he's ah-chooing in front of a row of cold medicines. Rick picks his poison and bumps into his friend Sam at the check-out. Noticing Sam's purchase, Rick comments that "you know you're an adult when you come to one of these places and only buy condoms." Which prompts Sam to add a pack of gum, a bag of pretzels, and a tabloid to his little box of latex. They joke about Rick's cold as they wait for the snarly pubescent cashier to ring up Sam's stuff. Sam grabs his bag of goodies and starts making excuses about how he'd love to stick around and "be and idiot" and Rick says "Are you kidding? You get home to your wife with those!" Ah, Rick, you're so naïve. Sam may be married, but he's certainly not having sex with his wife, is he, Judy? She's just walked into the drugstore, by the way, and is excitedly waving around one of those photo booth picture strips. Sam turns away from her, and Judy spots Rick staring at them. He looks from one to the other, and I'm pretty sure his mouth isn't hanging open because of his cold. Everyone falls silent for a few seconds as the awkwardness of the situation fully weighs on them. Lamely, Judy explains that the picture strips aren't just photos -- they're stickers, too. Although I'm sure he's fascinated, Rick doesn't stick around to find out more about the amazing picture-stickers. He makes for the doors and ends up doing a little dance with Sam. Awkwardness abounds, it seems, when you catch your good married friend buying condoms with your girlfriend's sister. Sam and Judy stand there for a second after Rick leaves, and Sam tries to assure her that Rick "won't tell," like they just got caught with their pants down in the sandbox. Judy turns and heads out the door after Rick.

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