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Letting Go

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Letting Go

Outside, Judy knocks on the window of Rick's truck and, when he rolls it down, she tells him that she'll "tell her." She's not referring to Sam's wife, but to Lily who does, after all, have the right to know about and pass judgment on everything. Just ask her. Rick agrees, since "this is one of the top ten embarrassing positions [he's] ever been in." "It's okay," Judy says desperately, and I'm not sure who she's trying to reassure. "Stuff happens" is Rick's sage response, and he pulls away leaving Judy to mutter, "It sure does."

After commercials, we return to find the star-crossed lovers sitting in Sam's pick-up truck. "At least it wasn't Janine," Judy says. "What?" Sam asks. "Who saw us? Your wife?" Judy replies, a little sarcastically. Then she goes on to muse that "[Rick] won't even have to tell Lily. She'll just know." God, is Lily her sister or her eternal keeper? Continuing their stunted, disjointed conversation, Sam remarks that it's odd to hear Judy say his wife's name. Which of course causes Judy say it about five more times in a row. Sam tries to reassure her but she's not interested. Sensing that sex is definitely off, he says that things may be a little hectic later, and he may not be able to call her (PIG). Judy tells him not to call -- "What the hell do I care?" -- and then, as if struck by the reality of it, says, "You have a WIFE. Call when you can. Sure." She gathers her stuff and gets ready to hop out of the truck. Sam watches her from the corner of his eye and then grabs her arm to give her a kiss before she goes.

BWudy says she's okay, but I don't know who she thinks she's fooling. She's trying to put on a tough front, insisting that she knew they couldn't stay in their perfect little "bubble. Bubbles break."

Meanwhile, Grace and Zoe are at Jake's place, where Grace has just finished interrogating him on his lifestyle. He's proud to have surprised her with the information that he walks to work and shuts off the restaurant equipment overnight. Grace tells him he "definitely kicked [Lily's] butt." Despite his glowing victory, Jake wants to know when Earth Day's over. Grace says her teacher claims Jake's generation "burned out on Vietnam and Watergate and now all they care about is themselves." Jake points out that he was only fourteen when Watergate happened. Which doesn't change the fact that he's a selfish ass, as he seems to think. It just means he's got a different reason. Zoe says she's sick of hearing about global warming, so Grace starts weaving tales of environmental horror, scaring the bejeezus out of the kid. Zoe takes refuge in her room. Jake snatches the time alone with Grace to raise the subject of his "extra-marital affair." Grace cuts the crap: "You mean you cheating on mom while you were still married?" Jake tells her to basically let him have it, and she asks if Lily called him to prompt this little talk. He insists that it's what he wanted to say. Grace buries her nose in a notebook throughout the conversation, saying there's nothing she wants to talk about. She tries to be aloof about the whole thing, acting like it doesn't bother her. When it becomes clear that Grace isn't interested in talking, Jake gets up with a look of defeat and leaves her alone.

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