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Letting Go

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Letting Go

Meanwhile, Jake's just finished putting Zoe to bed. He tells Grace that she's having trouble sleeping because of all the apocalyptic environmental stuff. Then he starts tickling Grace, trying to get a laugh out of her, but it falls flat. Jake tries to talk to her again, but she shoots him down fast. Zoe pops her head out to say she still can't sleep, and Grace jumps up, anxious for an excuse to get away from Jake. Just as the girls head for Zoe's room, Grace hears keys jangling and someone opening Jake's front door. The three of them turn to see who's coming in, and it's everyone's favorite tart, Tiffany. She stops dead when she sees the kids, muttering something about how she got her nights mixed up. She starts to leave, but Zoe tells her to stay and runs over to give her a hug. Jake agrees with Zoe, saying "it's fine, right?" and looking at Grace. Grace rolls her eyes and says "no problem." Tiffany tries to kiss up by telling Grace she likes her "top." It's a plain cotton pullover, so I'm positive she's only trying to score points. Grace is, too, and gives her a tight, sarcastic smile. Zoe heads off to bed, and Grace follows her into her room. Tiffany tells Jake she shouldn't stay, but Jake says she should, for a little while. He tells her "the girls will just have to get used to it" while rubbing her shoulders. Grace hears every word and looks really disappointed.

With a catch in her voice, BWrace says she "thought he wanted to talk because he knew he did something wrong. He just wanted me to say it was okay so he could keep doing it."

Judy rushes into her apartment and heads straight for the answering machine. The LED display shows zero messages. The phone rings and, like a desperate fool, Judy rushes off-screen to it up after less than one ring. It's not Sam, as she'd hoped, but Lily. The camera doesn't follow Judy, but stays fixed on her door and the little window next to it. We hear Lily say that she saw Judy head upstairs but didn't want to "pressure" her, so she thought she'd call first. Then she pops up in Judy's little window like some kind of psychopath and taps on the glass. Right, no pressure there. Judy jumps and spins to look at the window, and Lily starts making self-effacing jokes about how she feels like the slasher in one of those baby-sitting horror flicks. Judy looks about that happy to see her. As Judy opens the door, Lily says she thinks they can hang up now. Judy already knows why Lily's there and she's braced herself for the onslaught. Lily insists she just wants to know that Judy is okay, and says that she's surprised it's been going on so long (without her knowing about it, she means). Judy tells her "it's strong" and Lily says she "gets that." For a moment, it really does look like Lily's just there to lend an ear and some support. But then she remembers that it's her job to tell Judy how badly she's screwing up her life. She says she's "surprised" again, but doesn't say why. Judy guesses that it's because Lily "didn't think [she] had it in her." Lily says she knows Judy has "it in [her, that she] gets sexual with guys before she gets to know them." Um, I'm pretty sure that's not what Judy meant. While Lily's offhandedly calling her sister a whore, she takes off her jacket as if she's just getting warmed up. And she is. She goes on to say she can't believe that Judy, "at this point in [her] life, would choose to spend time with someone who's, you know --" Judy gets up to pace and says "So, I'm a lousy feminist and a self-destructive slut!" Lily doesn't get why Judy's so offended. She asks why Judy's so mad at her, and innocently points out that she didn't create this situation. Judy says she didn't, either. Okay, I don't know about that...

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Once and Again




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