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Letting Go

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Letting Go

The phone rings and Judy's machine picks up the call after about half a ring -- which allows Lily and the rest of us to eavesdrop on the message. It's Sam, and he says some fairly intimate things, mentioning Judy's breasts in particular. Lily does this little Victorian hand-to-the-forehead thing, like she thinks her head might explode after all this dirty talk. Oh, lighten up.

After the commercial break, it's the next morning, and we're in the Manning kitchen. Lily's on the cordless phone in the middle of an agitated conversation with Jake. She says, "I don't know, Jake, maybe it has something to do with the fact that you had your girlfriend over when you know that this is a time for Grace that's --" Jake interrupts to point out that "she's not [his] girlfriend." Does Tiffany know that? 'Cause it's not the impression I got. Lily points out that it's not really what's at issue. It looks like Jake finally went out and bought himself a clue, though, as he asks, "It's never going to go away, is it?" But it wasn't too big a clue, because he's still thinking he's a victim here. Lily starts grinding him, pointing out that he "should have thought about that before [he] started staying out late and telling [her he] was playing racquetball." She reams him a bit more and then hangs up on him. Grace has overheard everything. Speaking of selfish -- shouldn't Lily watch what she says in front of her fragile daughter who's already struggling with disillusionment over her father? Especially since Lily's the one encouraging Grace to forgive him? I'm just saying.

Lily shoos the kids to go get ready for school and then calls Rick. His machine says to leave a message for Eli, Jessie or "Rick after the tone," which prompts a painful, painful sequence. Lily says, "Hi Rick after-the-tone" which is bad enough in itself, but then she compounds it by explaining, "The way you say that, it's like your name is 'after-the-tone.'" And just in case he's a raging moron, she adds, "Like you guys are the 'after-the-tone' family." All right already, it wasn't funny in the first place, and it's not getting any better. Anyway, she finally gets to the point and says that she just wanted "to hear the voice of a good man," and asks him to call her.

At school, Jared's goofing around with some friends when he sees Grace walk past. He follows her, calling her name, and has to run in front of her to get her to stop. He wants to know where she's been, and if she's got a problem with him. Grace tells him there's "just a lot of weird stuff at home" but he doesn't see what "home has to do with here." Grace says she doesn't know, it just does. She reminds him that she warned him she's not together, and he responds by saying that she told him a lot more than that. Grace apologizes and says she doesn't know what to say. Jared looks at her for a few moments and, looking hurt and angry, says, "maybe later." He walks away and Grace watches him with this odd little smile. Jared bumps into a girl and they walk off, laughing. Grace's smile slips.

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Once and Again




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