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Letting Go

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Letting Go

BWace says, "It was easy -- I watched him with that girl and all I could think was 'this must be what nothing feels like.'" The camera leaps away from her as she says this, so we see a tiny Grace swamped by an expanse of darkness, and she's looking a lot like a lost little girl.

Cut to Judy flipping through pictures of herself as a girl. BWudy tells us she's looking for the perfect picture to give Sam -- one that doesn't make her look too needy and dependent.

Then Sam's at her door, apologizing for being late. He tells her that his wife canceled her hike and decided to do housework instead, so he had to stay and put together a bookshelf and then help her flip all the mattresses. "All the mattresses?" Judy repeats. "Yeah, in our bedroom and the guest-room nobody ever goes into." Oh, nice. Like Judy needs to hear that you share a bed with your wife. Why don't you just knock her out and finish the job, you self-centered ass? Instead, he says, "Hello," and gives her a kiss, remarking that she tastes like chardonnay. She says that since he wasn't there she went ahead and opened a bottle. He says she doesn't need his permission to drink. You know, he's right, especially since, oh I don't know -- HE'S MARRIED? Then Sam rounds out his selfish-schmuck routine by telling her he can't stay long. Judy says that's okay, but I get the feeling she doesn't really mean it.

Cut to the two of them in bed, where Judy's tearing at him and kissing him violently. ["It's basically the polar opposite of the opening sex scene, which was passionate but more tender and intimate -- at least from where I was sitting." -- Wing Chun] Sam asks her to stop because she seems all "jangly." Judy gets a hold of herself and puts her head on Sam's chest saying, "Most men find my desperation charming." After a second she says that "this is not who [she] is." Sam says he knows that, "but it is." Oh yeah, well if he's so smart, why doesn't he stop playing on her insecurity and desperation? Knowing that she's sloppy seconds to his wife can't be doing wonders for her.

Cut to Judy in the kitchen, wearing a robe. Sam steps up behind her and presents her with a picture of himself as a young boy. After the requisite oohing and ahhing, she puts it on her fridge. Sam says that he wants one of her, that he doesn't want to miss out on any part of her life. Judy asks if he's going to put it on his fridge. Sam doesn't get why she seems snippy and asks if she wants to talk about something. "You don't?" Judy replies. She asks if he doesn't want to know what happens in her life when he's not around, and whether she sleeps with other people. Finally Sam gets it and asks if she wants to know if he sleeps with his wife. Judy's nose is out of joint, so she says, "I'm just your mistress -- I don't get to ask questions like that." Sam says he hasn't slept with his wife in "a long time" but then he looks thoughtful for a second and adds that "this morning, for some reason, she wanted to..." But his voice trails off, leaving us to wonder if they did it or not. He quickly changes his course by saying that Judy's not his "mistress -- that's a terrible word!" Yeah, buddy, but a rose is a rose, isn't it? Judy's staying aloof, sitting with her back slightly toward him. He tells her that he loves her, and you can see her visibly soften. Oh, come on! I cry. Although, I should be more generous since I have the benefit of cynic-vision, which allows me to see through all manner of come-ons and cover-ups. It has an accuracy rate of about ninety-eight percent, but it didn't come cheaply, let me tell you.

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