Once and Again
Love's Laborers' Lost

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Judy Needs a Good Gluck

We next see Judy on the street with the asinine bachelor, Paul. He keeps bumping her and then telling her she walks funny. For some reason, he thinks this is hysterical. I probably would too, if I were ten. God, this guy's annoying. They stop walking, and Judy moves against him like she's about to kiss him. He, of course, starts talking, saying that friends of his are going away for the weekend, and he really wants her to come. Then he starts describing the band of sorry misfits he considers friends, and the whole weekend sounds like it'll be Porky's Revisited. Oddly, Judy doesn't jump at the chance to hang out with these overgrown frat boys. Oh, and the kicker is that he describes one of his female friends as "almost a normal person, if she were a man." Uh. Huh. See the curb there to your left, Judy? Plant this guy's ass firmly upon it, I'm begging you. Anyway, Judy reacts to the invitation by telling him that she's "the kind of person who needs a lot of intimacy." "So, you don't want to go?" he asks. "No, it's not that. It's just that I need you to --" Paul rudely turns around and starts walking away, rolling his eyes like a pair of windshield wipers in the process. He turns again, and says, frustrated, "I'm asking you to go away with me. I'm seeing you all the time. What do you want?" "I know I'm talking about something else." "You want to have a therapy session?" he snarks. "Is that what you want?" He asks if they can have one date without it turning into some giant inquisition. He flops onto a bench and glowers. Judy tells him that he's right. He's stunned. "What do you mean, I'm right?" he asks, getting up off the bench. She says he has no idea how much she wanted this to work. "You're kidding," he says, knowing exactly where she's going. He starts acting incredulous that she's breaking up with him. He interrupts her explanation by asking, "Is this what you do? You tease people? Get them to like you?" She doesn't get it. "I asked you to go away with me!" he yells. Okay, now he's creeping me out. Step away from the lunatic, Judy. Nice and slow. She doesn't, though. She hangs around long enough to apologize again, to which he responds, "You know what, Judy? You're not a nice person." Finally she looks at him like he's off his gourd and walks away. "Oh, good. That's good. You know you're gonna call me. Judy!" he yells as she crosses the street.

Eli's stretched out on his bed, studying, when the phone rings. Sigh. Guess who? And she's pulling that same tired shtick she used last time. I can't even bring myself to type it. Just imagine being really annoyed, and it's basically the same thing. He goes to the window and tells her to just knock on the door, he's sure Rick will let her in. "I never climbed up a fire escape," she says, teasing. She taunts him with the punishments that could result until he finally relents and opens the window. Sound guy drags out the wet mops and plungers again (he must be as sick of these two as I am) as they tear at each other's clothes. "Hey Eli!" Rick calls and knocks on the door, apropos of nothing. Eli rushes to meet Rick in the doorway, sheltering Wannabe behind the door. Eli manages to convince Rick that he's studying standing up, but before Rick backs out of the room, he tells Eli to call if he needs help and then casts a suspicious glance around the perimeter. As soon as the door closes, Eli reminds Wannabe that he does have to work. Removing her cardigan, she glances over her shoulder and pouts, "And so you shall." Oh please. He's up to the task, though, and tosses her gamely on the bed.

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Once and Again




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