Once and Again
Love's Laborers' Lost

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Judy Needs a Good Gluck

Judy mercifully distracts from the scene by voice-overing her views on fate and love. She says she was "always a believer in romantic fate; that wherever love was concerned, people were out of control." She finds Will adjusting the light fixture in Lily's breakfast nook. They beam when they see each other, and as she walks toward him, he grabs her and twirls her around as they kiss. He says he didn't think she'd come back. "It's not easy to change the way things are," he says. "Sometimes people never do it." Judy says she does have to change the way things are and that's why.... "'That's why' what?" he asks. "I can't do this," Judy says, teary. Will looks like she kicked him in the gut. "And that's changing the way things are?" he asks. She says she has to take responsibility for her future. "And you already know I don't fit into that?" he asks. "For a hundred reasons and...none," Judy answers. She voice-overs some romantic pap about getting swept away, and how "passion was the greatest truth, and the only thing that mattered. [She] lived for that." I guess the fact that she's speaking in past tense is significant, like she can't let herself get carried away anymore. Will chokes back tears, and Judy does too. They're interrupted by Zoe and Lily. Zoe has some hot gossip to share with Judy, and Will fades over to the light fixture. He grabs his tools and jacket and brings Lily up to speed on the work he did. Judy watches him for a minute then sputters, "Why don't I walk out with you?" He says it's okay, she doesn't have to. He tells her to stay right there, and they'll see each other again. Dammit, they'd better. I just want to see Will Gluck again.

Soliloquy Judy continues her earlier thread, saying that "fate has a new meaning when you're thirty-five." She realizes that she "made choices, and one of those was time. I used it, and I may run out of it. I may be alone for the rest of my life because of it." She still believes, though, that what she wants and needs is out there.

Back in the kitchen, Grace quietly approaches Judy and whispers, "Do you want me and Zoe to go upstairs?" You know, there are times when I could just kiss that kid. Judy says no, she wants Grace "to stay right here," and her eyes well with tears. She watches Lily and the girls making dinner. You can see how much she totally loves them, and at the same time, envies them just a little.

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Once and Again




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