Once and Again
Love's Laborers' Lost

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Judy Needs a Good Gluck

We cut to a smooth jazz band, and I'm pretty sure it's the same jazz singer that was on the show a while ago -- the one who looks like the older brother on Leave it to Beaver. Anyway, as the camera pans around, we discover that Judy's on yet another date with Paul, and this time it's happening at Phil's. Like she has to show this guy off to Jake or something. "I approve of this place," Paul proclaims, as the band finishes a song and the diners applaud. They banter banter banter, and Jake slides by. He pauses behind Paul, puckers his lips emphatically, and gives the "okay!" sign. Judy looks suitably mortified. As Jake glides off, Judy turns the conversation to "romantic history." Paul makes the sign of the cross and flinches. Judy won't be deterred, however. She tells him to spill it: she wants to know about all relationships lasting no less than one year, marriages, cohabitation, and a celebrity infatuation or two. He laughingly tells her they won't get into high school or college. "After college, I lived with a girl for two years, and she was very nice," he says, almost in passing. "And then, I fell in love," he declares. He went out with the woman for three years and was engaged for the last six months. He dismisses it, saying that she was married before and wasn't over it. "Oh, that must've been hard," Judy sympathizes. The emotional stone doesn't get it though, and says it wasn't: "She just came in and told me. It took like three minutes." He smiles, unfazed. Judy clarifies that she meant it must've been difficult for him. "Well, she was a lawyer, you know, so what do you expect?" he says. Huh? And Judy -- run. Run fast and run far from this emotional desert of a man. Judy isn't disturbed by his complete non-reaction, however, but it's probably because she's too busy remembering how hard it was for her to lose Sam. She tells him she knows what it feels like to love someone and have them just walk away. "Oh my god!" he laughs. "You knew her, too!" What a complete jackass. Judy laughs then grows serious. She tells him that he doesn't have to hide with her. Paul, of course, is not at all interested in what she's saying. You can tell he's just waiting for her lips to stop moving. "Yeah," he says, when she's done. He says he thinks that's "really cool." He beams at her stupidly for a second. "You do?" Judy says, amazed that she just mentioned emotional intimacy and the guy didn't run screaming from the table. "Who made you so funny?" he goobers. Judy doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. "You're just so funny," he Beavises, before Buttheading, "You're just constantly making me laugh." She looks blank, wondering what she said that was so funny. He corrects her, saying it isn't what she says -- it's just her. She's just funny. Judy puts on a smile and tries really hard to share the joke.

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Once and Again




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