Once and Again
One Step (Parent) Backward

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The Sixty-Minute Miracle

Soliloquy Judy wonders if she really just said that.

"I said no," Jamian brats. "'No, thank you,'" Sam corrects. Jamian flatly echoes him. Judy puts on her saintly smile and retreats to her own plate. "How 'bout a bialy?" Lily asks. Rick concurs that they're good. Jamian easily accepts, and Judy shoots Lily a dirty look for stepping on her turf. Jamian asks whose house they're in. "Rick's and mine," Lily answers. "So you're his new wife?" Jamian asks. Rick says that's right. Jamian casts his eyes over Lily and looks disappointed. Sam clenches and changes the subject, telling Eli that Jamian is thinking of taking guitar lessons, and asks if he'd be available. Grace smirks that, for money, Eli's always available. Judy turns to Jamian and gushes that she didn't know he was interested in the guitar. She raises her voice three octaves and asks if it's because he had fun playing with Eli over Christmas. Jamian looks at her like she's a moron and informs her that he liked it way before then. "Oh, but it was really cool, wasn't it?" Judy coos. Jamian refrains from rolling his eyes -- barely. Me? Not so much.

"Oh, my god. I'm turning into my Aunt Sophie," Soliloquy Judy frets. "Next thing you know, I'll grab his cheeks, offer him ribbon candy, and tell him he has a snazzy haircut." She looks suitably annoyed with herself.

Judy smiles faintly at Jamian, feeling the shame, and lowers her eyes. Lily senses it, and draws attention toward Zoe, telling her not to put so much on her plate if she's not going to eat it. Zoe blithely informs her it's not a problem -- she'll just put back whatever she can't finish. Which sends Grace into a righteous tizzy, reaching across Jessie's plate to get at her little sister's, and telling her take a little bit at a time. Zoe growls at Grace to stop telling her what to do. Grace says she isn't. Jessie pipes up that she is. Grace snarks that she should mind her own business. Jessie points out that it is her business, if Grace insists on screaming in her ear. Grace starts in again, but Lily snaps, "Okay! Enough!" She stands up and sweetly asks if anyone would like another bagel. Everyone pipes up, and Lily turns to Judy, who's lost in thought.

"What am I doing?" Soliloquy Judy asks herself. Yeah, I was wondering that, too, but for different reasons. She continues wallowing: "I mean, who am I kidding? I should just donate my eggs to science." Well, it would be of greater benefit to humanity than mixing them up with Sam Blue DNA.

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Once and Again




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