Once and Again
One Step (Parent) Backward

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The Sixty-Minute Miracle

Judy clues in to Lily waiting for a response, and plasters a smile on her face. "I'm okay," she lies. She catches Sam evaluating her, and forces the sickly smile to stay in place.

Cut to Jake at a sports bar, where he's clearly well known. He pats a guy at the bar on the shoulder and makes his way over to an empty stool in front of the pneumatic blonde bartender. Coyote Ugly has to be, like, her favorite movie ever. "Well, hey! Look what the cat dragged in!" she smiles. "Well, look at you," he growls back. She says she hasn't seen him in a while and asks where he's been. "Oh, let's see...I had a baby," he chuckles. Pneumatic nearly pops a chamber. She congratulates him and leans across the bar for a kiss. She then asks who the "lucky girl" is, without a trace of irony, and asks if they're married. "No, we're...just...parents. Together," Jake says. For lack of anything else to say, she says that it sounds "sophisticated." "Well, that's me -- sophisticated," Jake says, which causes the bartender to burst out laughing. She leans in conspiratorially and says that she's missed him. She asks if he remembers New Year's Eve. He pants that he does. "Good, because I don't!" she teases. They banter over the bar a little longer before she purrs that she's getting off in a little while and...well, she'd like to get off in a little while. Although she disguises it as a need for a ride. The schlub at the end of the bar whines that he needs some service, already. She tells him to hang on: "Can't you see I'm flirting over here?" Schlubby makes a pouty face and whines, "Flirt over here!" In your dreams, pal. Oh, and beer commercials.

Sam finds Judy alone in the kitchen, starting the coffee. He prowls up behind her and snakes his arms around her waist. They make some smoochy talk, and Judy turns to face him, smiling and asking what time they're going to leave that night. Sam figures about six o'clock: "We'll wait for Jamie to leave, and then we'll be off." They do a little spelunking in one another's throats. Lily announces her entrance with a theatrical throat-clearing. Rick trails right behind her. Judy lamely covers that she was just making the coffee. Sam says he's just getting the rugelach. Lily and Rick laugh as if the display is adorable. Eli's right behind them, as is Jamian, staggering under a tower of dirty dishes. "You got that, man?" Eli asks, making no effort to assist the kid. Jamian insists he's fine. Judy glances over from the coffee maker and says, "Oh, sweetie, that's too much. Here, let me help you." Jamian brats that he's got it. Judy reaches out to take some of the plates, and Jamian wrenches his arms away, scattering the dishes all over the floor. Everyone jumps at the shattering plates, and Sam exclaims, "Jamie!" Judy assures Jamian that it's all right; she'll clean it up. "You made me drop them!" the hellspawn screams, still clutching a plate. "You made me do it because you wouldn't shut up! You never shut up!" Jamian throws the last dish on the ground and runs out, yelling, "She never shuts up!" Judy looks as though she's been struck. Eli raises his eyebrow, realizing that this kid's making him look good. Sam ineffectually calls after the brat and then apologizes to Lily. She waves it away, assuring him that the house has seen plenty of accidents. "Accident," my ass. Sam squats to help Judy clean up. Softly, she tells him to go after Jamian. To introduce him to Mr. Spanking, I hope. Sam takes off, and Lily bends to help Judy pick up the pieces. Judy mutters that she's got it. Lily points under the counter and says she thinks a piece flew under it. Judy looks up and snaps that she's got it. Lily raises her hands in surrender and backs away. Judy reins in her temper and softly thanks Lily. Lily gets a little mileage out of it, though, soaking up the sympathetic look Rick shoots her.

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Once and Again




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