Once and Again
One Step (Parent) Backward

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The Sixty-Minute Miracle

"My husband would be..." Soliloquy Judy says, looking somberly at the camera. Her beeping microwave cuts into the musing. Judy retrieves a frozen dinner from it, just as there's a knock at the door. It's Sam. He asks if she wants to get something to eat. She holds up the sad little plastic package and says, "I have this." Sam surveys it critically. Judy offers to share, which draws him into the apartment. She apologizes, saying the nastiness is the last thing she ever wanted to have happen with Jamian. He agrees. "How are we ever gonna do this?" she asks, suddenly finding it funny. He asserts that it can be done. Judy says it's not the way she pictured it. Sam says it never is. "It's not what I envisioned," he adds. This snaps Judy to attention. She asks what he saw. "You know, you, me, Jamie, living a nice little life," he says. He stammers, "And then...uh...I don't know...at some point, maybe...you and I would, uh...you know..."

"Don't say it. Don't even bring it up," Soliloquy Sam advises himself.

Sam continues sputtering.

"Don't say it! Don't even bring it up," Soliloquy Judy warns herself.

Of course, she's the one who can't resist saying, "Add to the group, maybe?" Oh, barf. Sam admits it and smiles shyly, saying he never thought they'd "get to this point so fast." Yeah, neither did the writers. The absence of the four episodes the producers couldn't make is really showing at this point, isn't it? Sam steps forward and softly says that he wants Jamian to like Judy. She says that she does, too. What the --? Did I hallucinate that conversation when the squirt admitted to not hating Judy? I need to switch to better drugs, clearly. Sam apologizes for having so much baggage, and Judy shuts him up by saying that she's sorry for ever acting like it was a hindrance. They kiss. Sam says they still have a bit of time, and they could head to the cabin. Judy purrs that she thinks they should just stay at her place. "But it's so weird here," Sam teases, looking around. She tells him to shut up and chases him to the hammock.

"My husband would be..." Soliloquy Judy says.

Sam falls out of the hammock, and Judy falls on top of him.

Soliloquy Judy looks at us as if to say, See? That's him there, that ass on the floor. "...there," she says. Your husband would be there? Wow, way to set high standards, Jude.

Sam and Judy continue rolling around her floor.

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Once and Again




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