Once and Again
One Step (Parent) Backward

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The Sixty-Minute Miracle

"Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Ohmigod!" Brrreasta cries, trying vainly to stop the cappuccino machine's hissing. Jake swoops in to rescue her and get the machine under control. "Are you sure you worked at a Starbucks?" he asks. She assures him that she did, but claims that their machine was much easier. She pouts. Jake asks to see her hand to check for burns, and announces that it is a little red. He asks if it hurts. She confesses that maybe it does, a little. She bats her big eyes at him. He tells her to go run the hand under cold water; he'll cover for her. He watches her walk away, sucking on his tongue and thinking naughty thoughts. Eli wanders over to ask if everything is okay. He asks how Brrreasta is doing. Jake says she seems to be okay. "That's good," Eli says, matter-of-factly. He stares off in the direction she disappeared, saying, "She seems pretty interesting." Jake doesn't respond. "Don't you think?" Eli nudges. Jake spins around, snapping that she does, and asks Eli to take over the counter. Jake rolls his eyes, looking for strength, as he walks away.

The sound of a doorbell takes us over to Sam's place, where he's tossing clothes into a suitcase. He opens the door and apologetically tells Judy that he's not done packing. "Well, hurry up, dammit," she orders him good-naturedly. He says he has to kiss her first. "So, I think last night went good [sic], huh?" she asks when they pull apart. Sam concurs. Judy murmurs that she thinks she and Jamian really hit it off. Sam distractedly agrees, stuffing more crap into his suitcase. Judy asks whether his clothes are dirty. He sniffs a garment, saying, "Not really." He then reasons that she doesn't want him in clothes, anyway. Oh, brother. She says he might be right, and they suck a little more face. Give me strength. "Sam, let's go," Judy manages to say. Cue the telephone and the plucky guitars.

"Don't answer that," Soliloquy Judy advises, looking tense.

"Oh, hi Janine," Sam says into the receiver.

Soliloquy Judy grits her teeth.

Sam mmms and assents in a clenched voice, finally saying, "Yeah, well I don't know if tonight --"

"Tonight, what? We had plans," Soliloquy Judy grates.

"Yeah, well I had plans," Sam says tightly.

Soliloquy Judy coaches herself to remain calm, reminding herself that she's "fertile" and "everything is fine." She's seriously creeping me out.

Sam kvetches into the phone a little longer and then stiffly relents, "That's fine. That's fine." He clicks off the phone as if he'd rather be throttling it, and grunts with frustration. He relays that Janine has to leave Jamian with him for the night because Janine's "crazy sister is having a meltdown" and Jamie doesn't want to go there, and Janine really doesn't want him there, either.

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Once and Again




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