Once and Again
One Step (Parent) Backward

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The Sixty-Minute Miracle

"Listen to her," Soliloquy Sam gripes in disbelief. "She's nagging me!"

"Listen to me! Am I nagging him? I'm nagging him!" Soliloquy Judy frets.

Back in the bathroom, Judy, embarrassed, smiles and kisses Sam. Sam thinks they're going to get it on, but Judy says she should be going. She thinks Sam should get Jamian into bed. Sam pleads with her to stay, saying he'll get Jamian into bed, and then they can be alone. They kiss. Jamian, wise to their game, pounds on the door, announcing that he has to go to the bathroom. Judy plasters on her saintly smile, and it's all I can do to keep my fist from going through my TV screen.

Jake's all alone at the counter again, when Tiffany calls his cell phone to tell him that Maddie has been sneezing, and that she's a little worried about it. Jake calmly suggests that it may be a little cold, and asks whether Tiffany has baby Tylenol. He asks if Maddie has a fever. Tiffany says no, and asks when Jake is coming home. Jake wanders into his office and tries to keep his voice patient as he reminds her that he's closing the store tonight. She asks why Kenny can't close. Jake watches through his office window as Kenny drops some girl's bun on the ground, groans audibly at his clumsiness, picks it up, and serves it to her. "Kenny's...Kenny's not ready for that," Jake says. Heh. He promises Tiffany that he'll be there soon. She says a dubious "okay," and they hang up. Eli comes into Jake's office, hovering and wringing his hands. He tells Jake that he's a little embarrassed about what happened earlier. Jake tells him not to worry about it. After all, he's got a dick; he knows what it's like. But he does warn Eli not to let it happen again: "Not here, anyway." Eli repeats that he really is sorry. Jake utters a dubious "uh huh," and is ready to drop it, but Eli's not finished: "Yeah. Not to blame it on her, or anything, but, uh, she just came on to me so intensely, you know? And, like, I couldn't think. I mean, she was just so sexy, and I was just so --" "Yeah, I get it!" Jake snaps, feeling the sudden need for a rocking chair. He suggests that they just forget about it. I shouldn't be surprised, given that it's Jake, but I can't believe Eli's going to get away with blaming it on the girl like that. What a little asshole. Jake watches the little upstart leave, and looks troubled.

Cut to Jamian brushing his sharp little teeth in Sam's bathroom. Sam comes in to check on him. "Um, is your friend going to be leaving soon?" Jamian asks. Sam reminds Jamian that Judy has a name. Jamian says he knows, and asks if she has to stay so long. Sam takes a seat on the toilet and says he thought Jamian liked Judy. Jamian says he was just faking it the other night, because he thought that's what Sam wanted.

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Once and Again




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