Once and Again
One Step (Parent) Backward

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The Sixty-Minute Miracle

Cut to Jake emerging from Tiffany's bathroom in his t-shirt and tightie whities. Put some pants on, man! He rifles through the cupboards and complains that there isn't any coffee. Tiffany reminds him that she's off coffee at the moment, and adds that there's a pot of Lemon Zinger on the counter. Herbal tea? First thing in the morning? She's mad! Jake tries a cup as Tiffany invites him to come to the park with them. He looks at the brew, insulted, and begs off, saying that he has a lot of stuff to do at Booklovers. "Uh oh, Jake's back," Tiffany pseudo-teases. He asks what that's supposed to mean, and she immediately turns apologetic, saying that she's pushing and she shouldn't be. She gives him her patented "We just want you to dig us, man! Groovy!" speech, trying to convince him that she doesn't want more from him than he's willing to give, when she so obviously does. Jake, feeling the walls close in, insists that he really does have a lot of things he has to do. "I know. And you should do them," Tiffany says, focusing on the baby. "I really don't like this tea," Jake complains lamely. Fed up, Tiffany says, "You know what? Then don't drink it."

The doorbell rings at Manning Manor. Lily finds Judy, Sam, and Jamian standing there. Jamian makes the same rude face he makes at everyone: a mix of suspicion and the certainty that they are insane. Sam looks like he's ready to gnaw off his leg to get out of there, and Judy is entirely, blissfully oblivious to it. Rick comes into the foyer and manages to elicit a smile from the brat. Jessie comes in and says hi, which also seems to put Jamian at ease. Zoe immediately pops in his face, blurting, "Hey, do you know anything about Zoo Tycoon?" Jamian widens his already disturbingly large eyes (he's like one of those kids in the velvet paintings with puppies and kittens, isn't he?) and says he got it for Christmas. That's good enough for Zoe, who ushers him upstairs along with Jessie. Rick and Sam wander off to indulge in beer and banter, leaving Judy and Lily to talk about what a "cutie" Jamian is. Should be a short conversation.

At the table, Judy asks if Jamie wants some lox. He says he hates it, so she returns the forkful to the platter. She suggests some kugel instead. "It looks strange," he says, wrinkling his nose.

Soliloquy Judy cautions herself, "Don't push!" Unless it's that kid, in front of a train.

Judy ignores her own advice, urging Jamian to try a little bit and working overtime to convince him that it's good. She hovers the forkful over his plate, pleading with him that "it's good to try new things."

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Once and Again




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