Once and Again
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In a Whole Lot of Shhh

Eli hops on the Soliloquy Stool, saying, "My dad's got the eye. You know, Dad-O-Vision. You can feel it drilling a hole in the back of your head sometimes. And he's also got the eye that sees how things go together. I mean, he makes connections. He builds things."

We see a crane scooping dirt as a Mercedes pulls up to a building site.

"I didn't get that eye," Eli continues. "I watch my dad work, sometimes, and his pencil just flies across the page like it was music."

Hands unroll Rick's plans for the new development.

"Me writing a sentence is like walking through mud up to my neck," Eli says. "Makes me kinda jealous. You know, I think when he thinks about me not having it, he gets kinda angry. I don't know why, or whether he's getting angry at me. But he just...gets angry." Eli looks sad.

We see Miles and Rick at the hood of the Mercedes, looking at the plans. They discuss the fight they'll face in getting the land and building ordinances for the development. Sensing Rick's reluctance, Miles points out that Rick's ideal world -- where "good work rises of its own accord, without the sully of compromise or politics" doesn't exist. He says he knows it's hard to "let go of that dream" and assures Rick that "it will be all right. [He's] made the right choice, and [he] will be rewarded. The monument will be built." He goes on, "And though the poets disagree, monuments are what count. I know this because I am closer to the end than I am to the beginning. Come, let's pace off the kingdom." He smiles a little and Rick follows him. We watch from above as they stride off, and Miles says, "There remains the small problem of your partner, David. But I'm sure you can handle him." Rick assures him that he can. Hmm, Rick's going to be doing a lot of handling in the coming days....

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Once and Again




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