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After commercials, we find Rick at home. Eli is surveying the new suit with approval, saying, "You'd make a really cool bad guy in a James Bond movie with a suit like this." He'd make a great little Miles, in other words. While Rick dresses, he asks if Eli's staying in for the night. He is. Rick points out that it's a good chance to "do some studying." Eli counters that it's Saturday night. "It's an opportunity," Rick insists. Eli's getting steamed. He grits that he studies during the week, and "pretty hard." Adjusting his tie, Rick says he's not saying that Eli doesn't, but he has to "work harder, make the extra effort to get the things [he] want[s]." Either that, or find a rich client to become his sugar daddy. Eli snaps that since Rick has "a pretty good idea of what [Eli] wants, maybe he could print him out a list some time." Then he storms away.

Cut to Lily's place, where Zoe's "helping" Lily get ready. "That doesn't look very sexy," she notes, looking at Lily's high-necked black dress. As Lily moves to the mirror to put in her earrings, she asks distractedly, "What, honey?" "Never mind," says Zoe, catching sight of the dress's non-existent back. The doorbell dings. Zoe wants to know if this "is a date, or what." Lily thinks it's an "or what -- it's a business thing for Rick." "So, are women supposed to wear sexy clothes to business things?" Lily tells her that that is a very long conversation, and she'll be happy to have it with her later. Grace comes to the doorway, smiling. "Mom, you've got to see this," she says. Zoe runs after her. As we see their fuzzy shapes descending the stairs, the camera focuses on Rick adjusting his tie in the hall mirror. "Wow," Lily whistles. The girls beam, which is very sweet. "I don't know if I'm wearing it or just helping it move through the world," Rick quips. He tells them that Miles bought it for him. Lily asks if that isn't "a little..." and makes a face that says, "you know, weird?" Apparently, she saw Pretty Woman, too. "Not for this client," Rick says. They kiss. Grace eye rolls. Zoe smiles. The adults make their exit, and the camera moves to the window where Zoe and Grace push aside the curtain to snoop. "Is it okay for a guy to buy another guy clothes?" Zoe wonders. "I think it's okay," Grace says, "as long as it's not, like, underwear." You can hear her nose scrunch with distaste. Zoe seconds it with, "Ew."

Close-up of the back of a very broad head perched atop extremely broad shoulders. There is no neck involved, which leads me to believe we're looking at one of the henchmen so aptly described by David. The camera follows No Neck to the doorway, where he greets Rick and Lily. He introduces himself and tells Rick, "If you need anything, just turn around. I'll be there." Oh, there's a thought to put you at ease. He wishes them a good evening and they thank him. "You're welcome, Miss Manning," he says. And they never even told him her name! Doo-doo doo-doo...Rick and Lily get the hell away from the no-necked creep, and marvel at the office's transformation. There's a string quartet (quintet, whatever -- I didn't get to count) in a corner, a giant table in the center set with linen and crystal, a bar in the far corner, and fresh flower arrangements strategically placed throughout. Miles glides forward to greet them with a woman at his side. He asks what they think of the "mild transformation." "Very impressive," Rick notes. "It's supposed to be," Miles answers. Rick makes the introductions. Miles says that Rick has spoken well of Lily. "Well, he's talked about you too," she responds. Notice how she didn't qualify it? Smart. "It's all true," Miles says. He introduces them to his companion, Dr. Camille Ardo. Miles suggests they move to the bar. Lily moves next to Camille to chat as they walk, asking what type of doctor she is. "Thoracic surgery," Camille answers. Miles offers that Camille performed his bypass. Great. She and Lily should have loads to talk about. A waiter bearing a tray of chicken satays approaches the ladies. Sela fights the urge to glare at him for teasing, and simply shakes her head. In the meantime, Miles silently guides Rick back toward the conference area to further discuss the plans. Lily looks like she wants to follow, but a couple of women walk up and greet Camille. Camille introduces Lily as we fade into a Soliloquy Sequence.

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Once and Again




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