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Passing Rick on her way to the kitchen, she urgently whispers, "I can't do this! We can't possibly do this in this house!" He stands there, helpless, as Lily dials the phone. "Jake! This is insane! Where are you?" she snaps. Jake says there's only one road open, and it's not moving. Lily tells him that Tiffany's contractions are really close together, and she was already really dilated a half-hour ago, and Lily's afraid to look again because she's afraid she'll find a baby waving at her. Frustrated and terrified, Lily clenches that the situation is ridiculous. "I'm doing the best I can!" Jake barks. "I know!" Lily grits, clicking off the phone. She hangs her head, and Rick puts his hands on her shoulders to try to hug her, but she's too agitated. "Well, we'll just have to make it work. We don't have much of a choice, do we?" she snaps before turning and storming back into the bedroom. Rick stands there, silently apologizing for not going to medical school.

"So that was your ex-wife?" Tammy asks. Jake sighs, "At my ex-house, where my ex-girlfriend is having a baby we never planned for and never expected to have." A car honks impatiently behind them. "What? There is no place to go!" Jake shouts. He looks over at Tammy and says, "I don't know what Tiffany told you, but I'm not a bad guy," he says. "She never said you were," she says mildly. "I'm taking responsibility for this baby," Jake declares. "Good," Tammy says simply. "I have two daughters who I take very good care of," Jake adds. "Good," Tammy repeats. "I don't know why everybody's got to look at me like I'm some sort of villain here," Jake whines. "And who's looking at you that way?" Tammy asks. She and Dr. Wise-Ass should go into practice together. Jake chews on her question for a while as cars continue honking all around them.

Meanwhile, everyone's cozied around the dinner table at Karen's, laughing and having a great time. Jamie reaches for something and knocks over his glass. "Who, whoa, whoa, honey," Sam says. Karen reaches over the table with her napkin to swab the spill, assuring everyone that it's okay. Sam chides, "If you want something, all you gotta do is ask for it, buddy." Jamie pouts that he knows. Jessie wants to escape the tension, and asks to be excused. Eli follows suit. Sam thanks Karen for having them, and Judy smiles, adding, "Yeah, it was much better than the pizza Sam would have ordered." She carries their plates to the sink. From the kitchen, Jessie asks if she can start on the gingerbread house. Karen says sure, and tips her head subtly toward Jamie. Jessie shoots her a burning look but relents, and reluctantly asks Jamie if he wants to help. Sam looks at him expectantly, but the kid just glumly says, "No thanks," and stares at his plate. Karen takes her plate to the kitchen, and Sam says he needs to make a phone call.

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Once and Again




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