Once and Again

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Judy returns from the kitchen, and tries to engage Jamie. He's been drawing on a sketch pad during dinner, and she says, "I like your picture. What's it of?" "Stupid stuff," he mutters. Scary stuff, more like. From what I can see, there's at least one guy with a flaming head. Judy smiles and points at the picture, asking, "Are these flames? What is that, some kind of saber?" "Do you have sex with my dad?" the kid asks. Judy's smile disappears pronto. Her mouth makes a perfect "o" as she tries to figure out how to answer that one. Jamie evaluates her and then looks back at his drawing, asking, "Are you, like, his girlfriend?" Oh, now that's an easy one. Judy answers, "We're friends, actually." The kid nods and says that's what Sam told him, too. "Listen," he says, "he doesn't know what he's doing. And I know he's seeing other people, too." Judy recoils and tries to smile, but can't quite make it. There's not much she can say, so she stands up and takes Jamie's plate away.

Over at Manning Manor, Grace emerges from the kitchen with a mug. She settles in the living room with the Curmudgeon, asking if he wants to call a tow truck. He mutters, "I'll have my assistant deal with it tomorrow." "You mean my mom?" Grace asks, smiling. He just looks at her and turns back to It's a Wonderful Life as Jimmy Stewart begs to be returned to his family. Grace asks Les why he isn't with his family. "I'm divorced." "We're divorced," Grace tells him. "I know," he replies. "Mom has a lot of guilt about it," Grace adds. "Should she?" the Curmudgeon asks. Grace thinks this one over for a second and says, "Well, I'm not sure I could have stayed married to my dad, either. But I miss having a family...especially on Christmas." She asks, "What about your daughter? The one who had the home birth?" He looks surprised. "Leslie? We haven't spoken in five years. I'd talk to her, but she's too big a bitch to pick up the phone." Grace has no idea what to say to that.

Upstairs, Tiffany is kneeling on the bed, whimpering. Lily wipes her forehead with a damp cloth while Tiffany explains the joyous sensations that are labor pains. She asks Lily if she should try to squat. Rick stammers that he thinks he did that a couple of times with Karen, and moves to help Tiffany to her feet. He stands behind her, and holds her under the arms, telling her to go ahead and put all her weight on him. Tiffany is wracked with another contraction and bellows, taking time in between groans to remind herself, "Make friends with the pain." I'd rather make friends with an epidural, but that's just me.

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Once and Again




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