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The announcement carries us into the next scene, as Tiffany trudges through the thickly falling snow, up the front walk at Manning Manor. Inside, she finds Grace and Zoe stringing the tree with a popcorn garland as Christmas carols play in the background. Grace seems surprised to see her, and Tiffany explains that she just dropped by to bring Lily some Dead Sea bath salts, because Lily's been so nice. "Great," Grace says, looking uncomfortable. "Grace!" Zoe prods, tugging on the garland Grace is holding. Tiffany checks out the sad state of the tree and asks, "What exactly are you going for?" Zoe says, "I'm not really going for anything. We can't find the good ornaments." Jessie comes bounding down the stairs, expecting Tiffany to be Rick. She says he's supposed to drive her over to Karen's. "We always have fun and bake Christmas cookies and...just have fun," she says, wiggling on the spot in anticipation. "Meanwhile, I'm stuck in the house of no ornaments," Zoe grumbles. Tiffany heaves herself off the bench, rubbing her belly and brightly asking, "Have you considered cup melting?" "What?" Zoe and Grace say in unison, wrinkling their noses.

Cut to the kitchen, where a pair of hands removes a tray of said melted cups from the oven. Mmm, nothing like a few carcinogens to make your Christmas bright. "I don't know why, but I'm really good at melting stuff," Tiffany mutters as she sets the tray on the counter. Judy bustles through the back door, exclaiming over the cold and wondering, "What stinks?" "Melted cup ornaments," Eli says. Jessie comes into the kitchen and asks if Eli has talked to Rick. Eli says he just called, but the roads are really bad, so he may be a while. Jessie says that Karen is upset they're not there yet. "Do you see a car I can drive us in?" Eli snips. Judy, eavesdropping, says she's just borrowing a sweater from Lily, and she can drop them at Karen's on her way downtown. Grace's ears perk up, and she cocks her head with a knowing grin, asking, "Are you seeing Sam?" Judy squirms and says, "That is none of your business," but she can't keep the smile from the corners of her mouth. "Judy!" Grace exclaims. Judy concedes, "Yes, of course, but it is not a date." She tries to escape the questioning, but Grace fires off, "Then why are you borrowing a sweater?" Judy does her best schoolmarm, turning sternly and stating, "I'm going to go change, and when I return, this bus is leaving!" She claps her hands for emphasis. Grace hops off her stool and chases Judy, sing-songing, "Judy has a date with Sa-am! Judy has a date with Sa-am!"

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Once and Again




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