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Cut to the radio station. Lily approaches the Curmudgeon and tentatively says that everyone is getting anxious about the weather. "What weather?" he gripes, as the blizzard warning blares on in the background. Lily reminds him they've been broadcasting blizzard alerts for the last four hours. "When did people in this country become afraid of a little snow?" the Curmudgeon crabs. Lily rolls her eyes and gives him a pleading look. He relents and grudgingly says everyone can go. Lily turns to spread the good news, but he stops her at the doorway to ask if she'll help him finish up a few things so that he can get out of there, too. She tries to hide her disappointment and fails miserably.

Over at Manning Manor, Zoe's putting the finishing touches on the tree as the TV blares out its weather watch in the background. She hops down off the ladder and marches up to Grace on the couch, demanding, "What do you think?" Grace complains, "I think this blizzard must be bad because they keep interrupting, like, every two seconds for it." Zoe rolls her eyes and says she meant the tree. Grace evaluates the tree and mockingly says, "It's great." Zoe sighs with irritation and stomps back to her handiwork, while Grace does her best Mary Poppins: "Oh, no, no, no, Zoe. It's really, really great. Good job!" Zoe yells to Tiffany in the kitchen that Grace is making fun of the two of them and the ornaments Tiffany "worked so hard on!" Tiffany waddles out from the kitchen looking shaken. "Tiffany?" Grace says, her smile fading fast. Tiffany glances down at her feet, and says, "Either I'm peeing and I just can't stop, or my water broke. It's breaking, right here on your floor." The camera pans down, and sure enough, there's a puddle. Grace and Zoe fight the urge to faint while we fade to commercials.

Zoe and Grace seem to have collected themselves by the time we return. Or, Grace and Tiffany have. Tiffany's down on the floor wiping up her puddle, and Grace is bringing her more paper towels. Zoe, meanwhile, is jumping up and down squealing, "Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod..." until Grace begs her to stop. The girls help Tiffany to her feet, and Grace asks whether they should call 9-1-1. Tiffany says they don't have to; she's going to have a home birth. Zoe asks what that is. "What does it sound like?" Grace snots. "Shut up," Zoe mutters under her breath. "Zoe, you shut up," Grace shrills. Tiffany clenches, and they apologize. Grace asks what Tiffany needs, and what they can do. Tiffany says she has everything she needs at her apartment, so she just needs them to call Jake and ask him to pick up the midwife. Grace goes for the phone, and Zoe says she'll get Tiffany some water. Tiffany calls out that Jake's on a date, but that he said to call if she needed anything. Grace looks up from the phone. "He's on a date?" she repeats, incredulous. "Well, he won't admit it, but I know he is," Tiffany murmurs.

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Once and Again




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