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Cut to Rick's kitchen, where Wannabe's looking into a cupboard. She barks her stupid baboon laugh, and tells Eli that she found where his dad keeps the liquor. Which naturally leads one to wonder, why didn't Rick just go home the other night if he wanted a drink so badly? And while we're on questions, why are they at Rick's again, when it was made pretty clear that Rick doesn't want Eli taking his friends there alone? Eli's immediately on edge, moving to the cupboard and closing the door, saying, "Hey, don't!" Wannabe sounds genuinely surprised as she answers, "Eli! I wasn't gonna drink it! I was looking for the chocolate syrup." Ah, to have a teenage metabolism again.

Grace, meanwhile, has made her way upstairs and snuck into Jessie's room. She hauls her knapsack onto the bed and reaches into the front pocket for the glitter. Nothing. She panics, and rummages through the pocket more urgently. Nothing. She moves on to the main part of the bag, sliding her hand all around it, her face picture of terror.

"Look," Eli says, hands jammed in his pockets, "we're going to have to stop coming here, probably." Wannabe wants to know why. Eli decides it's better not to get into it. Wannabe successfully sniffs out the chocolate syrup.

Grace, meanwhile, is making a huge tactical error. Granted, she's freaking out, but it's still a really dumb move. She throws her bag onto the floor and dumps everything out of it. What if Jessie comes home? What if Eli and Wannabe come upstairs? How do you explain it? Well, it's pretty obvious that the glitter isn't there, anyway.

Wannabe's busy constructing some chocolate milk. Eli dances around her as she moves between the fridge and the counter, and nervously says, "Uh, you know that thing you said to Grace the other day?" Wannabe doesn't. "About me thinking we're in love," Eli says, then asks, "Would it be so...impossible?" "It is impossible," Wannabe says matter-of-factly, without missing a beat or spilling a drop of the milk she's pouring. "On my part," she continues, holding the syrup bottle upside-down over her glass. "You're just not the type I fall in love with and get all obsessed with. And that's a good thing. You don't wanna see me when I fall in love. I get, like, insane." Eli looks crushed. Wannabe stares at her glass of syrup and milk and complains that the chocolate is just sitting on the bottom. That's because you've got to stir it, genius. I know she's supposed to come from a rough background and all, but surely someone's shown her how to make chocolate milk before. Eli looks like he's catching his breath. "So stir it," he says flatly, gesturing toward a drawer.

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Once and Again




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