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Now that he knows she doesn't and can't love him, I guess he figures he may as well risk alienating her by bringing up the Great Glitter Heist. Instead of asking whether she knows anything about it, he does exactly what he accused Rick of doing: he asks her, point-blank, where the glitter is. She stirs the milk, asking what he means. "You probably didn't think she'd care, but --" Eli says. She stops stirring and looks at him. "What are you talking about?" she demands. "Look, it's not a big deal. Just put it back, okay?" he says. "You think I'd steal?" she asks, blown away. "I've seen you steal," he answers. "From the store, not from someone's little sister," she says, truly insulted. I actually almost feel a twinge of something like sympathy for Wannabe, but then I remind myself that she worked pretty hard at creating the image everyone has of her. And I quash that little drop of Wannabe-sympathy back down into the deepest darkest part of my soul, where I know it won't bother me ever again. Eli starts in with the insinuations again, and Wannabe whines that she doesn't "even wear glitter! Glitter is just so over. People's mothers wear glitter." Well, mine doesn't, thank god. Wannabe storms away, getting in the parting shot, "You don't know me at all." Eli tries to stop her and win her back by protesting, "Your milk!" She tells him to drink it himself.

Wannabe swings open the door to Jessie's room and finds Grace on the floor wrestling everything back into her bag. Wow, that took Grace a really long time, didn't it? Wannabe asks what she's doing. "I'm looking for a pencil," Grace lies. Wannabe suggests the desk. Grace is all "why didn't I think of that?" and opens a desk drawer, only to discover two pieces of uneaten pizza in it. She acts like they're two severed fingers. "No pencils," she declares, slamming the drawer. Wannabe is leaning in the doorway, arms crossed, and not fooled for a second. "Just put it back, okay?" she says, glowering. Grace is stunned. She plays dumb. Wannabe makes it clear: "Her stupid, ridiculous glitter. Because I'm the one getting blamed for it." "I didn't take anyone's glitter," Grace shrills. "Then why are you getting so upset?" Wannabe asks. Grace searches for an answer, and fumbles out some bogus story about being offended that her own friend would think she stole it. Wannabe emphatically says that she doesn't care, "only now Eli thinks [she] took it, so would [Grace] just please --" "Well, now, why are you assuming? Maybe it's just lost." "Anyone would be jealous," Wannabe coaxes. "I would be jealous. So if you did it because you were sick of watching us kiss or whatever, I forgive you." Wow, simultaneously so big, and so small. She's hit a sore spot, though, and Grace defensively insists that Wannabe's making "no sense." Wannabe takes a few steps toward Grace and threatens, "If you're trying to break us up, you better watch it. I mean it." I think your little speech in the kitchen took care of that, dearie. Grace swallows visibly. "Well, guess what? I'm not scared of you," Grace totally lies. Eli finds them in Jessie's room and order both of them to get out. "You do not want to be my enemy," Wannabe promises. Grace says that maybe everyone else is scared of Wannabe, but Grace isn't. I don't believe her. She shoves past Eli and Wannabe moves to follow her, but Eli puts out his arm to block the door. Wannabe blows past him anyway.

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Once and Again




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