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Grace heads downstairs, where she dejectedly throws her bag onto the floor near the kitchen. She moves to the fridge, takes a breath, and then opens it, staring inside. Then she's running up the stairs again, but when she hears Monkey Girl's baboon laughter, she stops at the landing and turns back, rolling her eyes. Looks like she just can't get comfortable in her skin. Sighing, she flops on the stairs and props her feet on the wall. Then, conscious of her footprints, she immediately moves them and dusts at the paint job. Nice contrast to Wannabe, isn't it? She notices a photo on the ledge behind her, and grabs it for a closer look. Then Wannabe's annoying laughter breaks the silence again, causing Grace to roll her eyes and return the picture to its spot.

Cut to Grace hesitating outside the closed door to Eli's room, where she cocks an ear and listens to Eli and Wannabe having what sounds like a nice time. She smiles faintly and raises her hand to knock, but then she realizes she's actually hearing the giggly sounds of sweet, sweet monkey love. Her smile disappears fast, her hand drops away from the door, and she runs with the terror she should. Instead of fleeing the scene entirely, though, she heads to Jessie's room, where she plops down on the side of the bed and restlessly drums her fingers. Man, I remember being in Grace's shoes. I had a friend in public school who, actually, was a lot like Wannabe and who developed a little faster than everyone else, and I'd have to wait for her to finish making out with the pre-pubescent flavor-of-the-week or tag along with her dopey little boyfriends, and feel like a complete freak and like the only person ever who didn't have a boyfriend. And there's really no point to that except to say, been there and it sucks. Not as bad as having the reputation my friend acquired in short order, though, so there you go. Anyway, Grace continues contrasting with Wannabe, brushing off the shoe prints on Jessie's bed and smoothing out the wrinkles, then hanging up the tossed-aside training bra. She moves to the dresser again, taking another look at Jessie's picture. She glances from it to her reflection in the mirror beyond, and doesn't look satisfied with what she sees. She grabs the pot of glitter and begins unscrewing the top, never taking her eyes from her reflection. Just as she's about to dip her finger in the goo, Wannabe's voice grates through the silence, asking where Grace is. Flustered, Grace closes up the glitter and calls, "Be right there!" She replaces the glitter on the edge of the dresser, and the camera zooms in for a close-up as Grace leaves the room. After a second, an arm juts back into the frame to snatch the glitter off the dresser, and we head into commercials. Which gives us just enough time to ponder -- the hell? Grace stealing? ["And was it Grace?" -- Wing Chun] And then -- Dharma & Greg ripping off the whole Once and Again black-and-white confessional thing? What the --?

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