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Cut to Eli sitting on his bed, punishing his guitar. Grace knocks, and then shyly enters his room, hanging in the doorway. She listens to him play, and picks up a magazine sitting on his stereo. Flipping through it, she finds a mushy card tucked inside. It's addressed to Wannabe and says, "Your kisses leave me breathless." They leave me breathless, too, but it's more from fighting down the nausea. Anyway, Grace looks disgusted, puts the magazine down, and then looks bored.

Downstairs, Rick and Lily are alone, and he's starting to count the pizza slices. He asks how many Lily had. "Seven or eight," she deadpans. He looks at her. "Two," she says, her tone implying that she thinks it's a stupid question. Either that, or she's offended that Rick would think, even for a second, that she's capable of eating seven or eight slices. Yeah, that's more likely.

Zoe timidly knocks on Jessie's door and waits for the okay to enter. Grace certainly has her well trained. Zoe spots the same picture Grace studied earlier, and says, "You look nice in this picture." "No, I don't," Jessie says, embarrassed. Then Zoe does that little-kid I-have-no-shame thing, and asks, "Do you have anything you don't want? 'Cause I'll take it." She lays a bracelet against her arm. Jessie gets up to inspect her dresser for potential cast-offs, and realizes that her glitter is missing. Zoe has no idea why Jessie is getting so upset. Jessie wordlessly leaves the room and barges into Eli's, where Grace is still maintaining her bored posture, and Eli is still brutalizing his guitar. "Who's been in my room?" Jessie demands. "What?" Eli asks, feigning ignorance. With a catch in her voice, Jessie informs him that something's missing from her room. "Don't give me that innocent look, Eli. I know you bring your girlfriends here when Dad's not around." Eli shushes her, and then moves to close the door. Grace tries to leave, but Eli tells her not to. Then he turns to Jessie, offended, and informs her that it's "'girlfriend,' not 'girlfriends.'" He's about to say more, but Jessie cuts him off, telling him just to admit that someone's been in her room. He admits it, but insists that no one took anything. He looks to Grace to back him up. She stammers and looks completely guilty, but manages to agree with Eli. Eli says, "Don't tell dad." Jessie is exasperated. She says she wouldn't tell Rick: she's "not stupid." Jessie, getting more worked up, goes on to say that she had "a brand-new thing of glitter and...it's gone." Grace casts her eyes to the floor. "And, it better be back in my room by tomorrow," Jessie threatens. There's a light knock on the door. It's Lily and Rick, looking for Grace. Lily says it's time to go, but once she and Rick realize there's been a behind-closed-doors conference, they want to know what's going on. "Nothing," Jessie says, and, turning to look pointedly at Eli, adds, "Just something I can't find." Grace casts her eyes to the floor again. Dude, I'm inviting her to my next poker game. Jessie leaves, and everyone is still for a few moments. Grace pushes past Lily and mutters that she'll be in the car.

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Once and Again




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