Once and Again
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Cut to Lily in Jessie's room, trying to be helpful. Jessie's not really in the mood, but she plays along as Lily tries to get her to retrace her steps. Lily asks where Jessie last saw the thing in question. Jessie points to the corner of her dresser. Lily is stumped and out of helpful advice. Rick comes in, followed by Zoe, and asks, "So, did we find it?" "How can we find it?" Zoe asks. "We don't even know what we're looking for." Jessie says that it's "just something [she] needs for school," and turns away from them, looking guilty. Rick asks whether Jessie could've left this "whatever it is" at Karen's place. He offers to drive her over to look for it, and is a little disappointed, I think, when she takes him up on it. Jessie leaves, and Zoe races after her. Rick wonders why Jessie won't tell them what the missing thing is, and Lily guesses that it's "probably some feminine-hygiene thing." He hugs her and murmurs in her ear, "I think next time -- just you and me. On your birthday." She smiles in agreement. Rick leaves, and something on the floor near the bed catches Lily Sherlock Holmes's eye. It's a gum wrapper, the same kind that she picked up after Wannabe in her kitchen. Sherlock studies it carefully, the wheels turning. Why, it's elementary!

Karen is surprised by Jessie's and Rick's arrival, and springs up from her seat at the dining-room table to shove some papers hurriedly into her briefcase. "That was quick!" she says, flustered. Jessie, I guess, heads straight to her room, because only Rick enters the kitchen with Karen. Karen asks what is missing, and then starts rambling on about how it must be genetic: she just bought something, put it down somewhere, and now she has no idea where it went. Rick keeps looking from her to the briefcase, somehow sensing there's something in it he should see.

Karen hops on the Soliloquy Stool to elaborate on the item she misplaced. Why, it too was a pot of glitter! She's very embarrassed as she explains that it was "that glittery stuff you put on your face and...other...areas." She figures she accidentally threw it away. Nuh uh!

Back in the kitchen, Rick asks how Jessie seemed after therapy. Karen shrugs and answers, "Same as she always seems." He looks at her more closely, and she glances up from the tea towel she's folding, almost as though she's checking his reaction to her behavior.

Back on the Stool, Karen says she thinks she subconsciously wanted to get rid of the glitter because it's "not appropriate -- too young for [her]." I think Karen thinks too much.

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Once and Again




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