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All's Well That Ends Well

Manning Manor. Lily, Rick, Zoe, and Jess are in the kitchen for a little late-night ice cream snack. Zoe exclaims, "They were both so good." Rick isn't surprised. Ah, Rick. Zoe just can't believe Eli didn't come to the performance. Blah, he had to work, blah. Jessie moans about her costume destroying the entire set. Lily says that it really didn't. Apparently, Karen thought it was a part of the performance. Eli, who was skulking in the background somewhere, appears to say, "Mom was there?" Jessie: "Like she'd miss opening night." Eli says that maybe he'll go tomorrow night. Rick slaps his son on the leg, and banters, "Ah, we'll go together." Oh, Grace is there, too. She's leaning up against the counter. She and Eli are the symbolic outsiders this week. Lily wanted to meet Tad and to congratulate Mr. Dimitri. I guess she completely missed him when she walked right by him backstage. Well, Grace thinks her mother can see her teacher on closing night. Lily intones, "He must have been very pleased." Grace smirks as she takes the bowl of ice cream Lily hands her. "Was he pleased?" Ah, Lily, her intuition always amazes me. She's a SuperMother sometimes. Grace sits down and snots, "I really have no idea. And I actually don't care." Except she does. A lot. Blah, Mr. Dimitri isn't God, blah. Eli's had enough of this scene, and announces he's going to bed. Rousing chorus of "goodnight." Grace continues her all-about-me soliloquy: "What actually matters is whether or not I'm pleased with myself." Apparently, this is the "right" attitude to have, because Lily, Queen of the Me, responds by saying, "You're absolutely right." Zoe's no fool, though, and wants to know exactly what Mr. Dimitri said. Grace lets the music do the talking as we fade to black.

Eli's Den of Sin. Grace stands at the door knocking very, very loudly. You can tell she's rather impatient. She huffs and puffs and looks at her watch. Eli finally opens the door. Loud music plays. Grace bitches, "Do you have any idea how long I've been out here?" He sort of wiggles his face at her. "Long?" Good answer. "Never mind," Grace whines. "Can you just come now, please?" Eli wants to know where. Apparently, he's driving Grace to school on the way to work. Where's Jessie? Why doesn't she get a ride, too? Eli stumbles around a bit, turns the music off, and practically falls over his bed. He throws the keys to Grace, and mumbles, "I think you'd better drive." Grace catches the keys mid-flight and notices a rather large roach clip burning in a glass ashtray. Ah, wake and bake. What a lost concept to my own adulthood. I mourn its passing. Never one to miss the obvious, Grace wants to see Eli's pupils. Then she snarks, "Obviously, I'd better drive." Eli snots back, "Yeah, obviously," and then continues to root around in the mess beside his bed. Grace isn't pleased with his actions or his answer, and retorts, "That's right, turn away in shame." Hey, come on, he's just looking for his shoes. Grace Goody Two Shoes exclaims, "Your eyes are all bloodshot!" And I don't honestly think she could tell because (a) his back is to her and (b) she's totally all the way on the other side of the room. Hey, and Eli could slap some Visine into those eyes and they'd be good to go in no time. Not that I'm advocating driving while baked by any means. Eli defends himself: "That's called normal morning blood." Grace bitches some more about Eli getting high in the morning. Which, if her point was that it's a wasted high...well, I might agree with her, but come on, give the guy a break; he is doing you a favour by driving your sorry, whiny ass to school. Eli takes offense to starting his day with plenty of criticism. Hey, how about we add "Your band sucks and you're wearing too much black eyeliner" to the mix? Grace just wants to go. Eli huffs and ties his shoe. Oh. He's. So. Tortured.

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Once and Again




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