Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
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Daddy Issues
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"Agrabah… many years ago" again. Young Jafar is at his mother's death bed, and things look grim. She has been a healer all her life, but sorry, Jafar, it is just her time now. Really? Because she looks about 36. Young Jafar wonders what he's supposed to do now that he's about to be an orphan, and she tells him he's actually in spectacular luck! His absent father is the Sultan, and she has an industrial-looking ring of his to prove it. She gives the ring to Jafar and dies, her spirit leaking out of her as a magical golden mist, which is a pretty dazzling way to die. Jafar cries. RIP Jafar's mom, Episode 107, Minute 1 to Episode 107, Minute 2.

In fictional Victorian England, Jafar is still wearing the Sultan's ring as he plays his con with Alice's father. Posing as a doctor from Bethlem, he tells the tales of Alice's arrival at the asylum, and how he could just tell by looking at her that she came from a loving home. First red flag right there, Alice's dad. He asks Jafar if he knows where Alice has gone, and Jafar decides to do a little show and tell with the White Rabbit, which means someone has pulled him out of a sack yet again, so: Drink! Alice's father is decidedly freaked out, but when Jafar tells him to come with him through a magical purple portal conjured by a cartoon rabbit, he's totally down. The White Rabbit does his thing, and they all jump through to Wonderland. So handy how those portals just KNOW exactly where and when you'd like to go, isn't it? Such intuitive design!

The trio land in Wonderland on Myst lane, where Jafar promptly dismisses the White Rabbit because money for a full episode of a CGI rabbit doesn't grow on cartoon trees. Alice's father looks around and thinks he must be hallucinating, which, yeah, buddy. Welcome to the experience of watching this show. Jafar assures him that it's all real, and very dangerous for a young girl to boot, so they must be off to find Alice. Alice's dad is like yeah, about that? I've always been a pretty shitty father, actually. I'm not sure she'll be psyched to see me. Owning it! As he talks, Jafar takes note of a few of his mannerisms for some caper antics down the line. Oh, and by the way, you can see floating islands in the distance over each of their shoulders, because this show is very into those things all of a sudden.

Alice and the Knave are on the Cyrus hunt. Alice is very confident about the ease of this journey to the floating island, until they walk about five steps further and come to a clearing where she can see how high up it is from the ground. "Oh my," she says. I really wish these characters could swear sometimes.

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland




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