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Why the Caged Bird Sings
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Welcome to Storybrooke! I am your friendly neighborhood guide filling in for Cindy who had it up to HERE with this show and needed a week off to re-read her favorite fairy tales and spend some quality time with the real Maleficent. Totally rational behavior.

The show opens in the "real" world (what is real? Let's all think about that for a while and pretend we're in college, really really drunk) where a mysterious scruffy man is fixing his motorcycle. Lock up your daughters, people, because he's a Bad Boy. You can tell because Bad Boys because they can't figure out how to work a razor (is it up? is it down? What is the baddest brand of shaving cream?) and they all drive motorcycles.

So the mysterious stranger is fixing up his bike when Henry wanders up to him because his mother never taught him not to talk to strangers and, let's face it, this kid has no boundaries. He asks the stranger all sorts of questions about what he's doing in Storybrooke , what's in the box strapped to his motorcycle, how life is like a box of chocolates and the guy is giving curt but polite answers that don't really tell us anything. Henry is about to have a conniption fit over all the mystery, but the man roars off on his motorcycle and Regina comes out and hollers at her idiot kid for talking to unshaven men who aren't Amish.

A storm is brewing, which clearly Means Something, because a storm is never just a storm on these shows. Who will get trapped in it? Let's start guessing now! Oh please, we all know it's going to be. I'll let you figure it out for yourself. Here's a hint: Emma is sipping her coffee and watching the weather report when Mary Margaret rushes out causing a little tornado of her own. She claims she is late for school, but she heads straight to Granny's, grabs a table, fixes her hair and then pretends to be busy reading when David walks in.

David grabs two coffees (one for his wife!) and then turns and sees Mary Margaret studiously ignoring him. He interrupts her reading to make light chit chat. She pretends she barely remembers where she knows him from and they joke awkwardly about his job at the animal shelter and whether the animals have started to take over the world yet. Hahaha. Wait, that is nothing to joke about, Show.

David bids her farewell, and goes to the car where his wife is waiting. He gives her a peck and her coffee. While Mary Margaret stews in frustration at the fact that the love of her life is married. How rude! To make matters worse, Emma totally busts Mary Margaret in her lie. She sits down at the table and calls her out on her creepy stalking. The man is married, okay? And sure, you're fated to be together in a different world, but come on. Mary Margaret has far too Catholic a name to be considering this. And yet! As Emma points all of this out to her, Mary Margaret pouts, "Love is the worst. I wish there was a magic cure for it." Cue cutting to the Enchanted World.

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Once Upon a Time




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