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Remember when you were in school (and hey, perhaps you still are)? Remember how hard it was to keep your head in class during the last few weeks? Well, this is my last recap of this television season and then I'm taking off the summer, so my brain has already checked out. I just spent a whole minute trying to open my word processing program... by clicking on my browser icon. I mean, I was ready to reboot my Mac. I only realized what I'd been doing once I closed my browser window. If this recap seems scatter-brained, it's only because it is. You ready? Okay!

We open in the Enchanted Forest. Charming is trying to escape his dungeon cell. When he fails, he sinks to the floor and says to no one in particular, "I will find you, Snow." Two of Regina's guards drag him out of his cell -- and to his execution. I thought Queenie promised Snow that if she ate the poisoned apple, Charming would be spared. Oh, right. Queenie. See what I mean about scatter-brained? Be grateful I don't have cats or this recap would probably end up being about them. Anyhow, Charming manages to escape the first two guards, but while running through the palace he encounters another guard who is aiming a bow and arrow right in our hero's direction. Charming turns to run the other way, but a second guard blocks his path and orders the first one to "Shoot him." The first guard does shoot -- but he shoots the second guard, not Charming. Charming says, "Who the hell are you?" The guard takes off his helmet and we finally get a look at his face. He's exactly who I dared not hope he'd be when I first saw the bow. It's the Huntsman (a.k.a. dead hottie Sheriff Graham). Hooray! The Huntsman tells Charming he's a friend of Snow's and that the Queen was traveling to meet her, so her fate is precarious. The Huntsman gives Charming a weapon and says that while he will try to stall the Queen, he can't accompany him to find Snow because he gave up his heart so that the Queen would spare Snow's. "Don't let my sacrifice be in vain. Find her." Title card.

Storybrooke Hospital. Henry's unresponsive. Emma tells Dr. Whale she's pretty sure he was poisoned by the apple turnover. She wants Whale to test it, but he says Henry is exhibiting no symptoms, which suggestion neurotoxins. Right now, he just needs to stabilize Henry because he's slipping away. Emma dumps out Henry's backpack, looking for clues. Lost fans raise your hand if you want to try an Apollo bar? Me too! Whale's babbling on about how he has no clue what could have put Henry in this state. "It's just like..." Just then, Emma sees Henry's book so she finishes Whale's sentence for him. "...Magic." With that, she picks up the book and has flashbacks to her own birth and Charming putting her in the wardrobe, as well as a memory of Henry telling her that everything in the book is true.

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Once Upon a Time




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