Once Upon a Time
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True Love's Kiss

Recapper's House. Time for another sip of wine. And maybe some tissues!

Gold's Shop. Gold unlocks the egg and removes the vial of true love. It sparkles and dazzles as true love is wont to do. When the bell on the shop door rings, Gold scurries to hide his treasure. A woman's voice asks if he's Mr. Gold. He tells her the shop is closed, but when he turns he is struck dumb. It's Belle. She says, "I was to find you and tell you that Regina locked me up. Does that mean anything to you?" Gold walks out from behind the counter. Haltingly, he grabs Belle's right shoulder. "You're real. You're alive. She did this to you?" Belle says, "I was told you'd protect me." Gold cries as he hugs her and assures her he'll protect her. When he steps back, Belle says, "I'm sorry. Do I know you?" Gold says, "No, but you will."

Hospital. Regina's in Henry's room now too. She sobs "No" and hides her head in Whale's chest. Tears stream down Emma's face as she walks to her son's side. Her throat is rippling from the force of choked back sobs as Emma smoothes the child's hair. As she lowers her face to his she says, "I love you, Henry." Then she kisses his forehead. A pulse of pure love shudders out and over everyone. Henry gasps and returns to life. "I love you too. You saved me." Regina's voice is kind as she says, "You did it."

Outside, the love pulses over the town and the townsfolk. We first see it hit Mary Margaret. It nearly knocks her off her feet. Next it hits Granny and Ruby, then Archie. David is driving down the road when it strikes him. He stops his truck short, just before the "Leaving Storybrooke" sign. Back at the hospital, people are drawn to Henry's room. Emma: "Henry, what's going on?" Henry sits up. "The curse. I think you broke it." Nurse Mother Superior Blue Boobs says, "That was true love's kiss." Regina scowls. "No. No!" Boobs turns to her. "If I were you, Your Majesty, I'd find a place to hide." Regina marches to her son's bed. "Henry, no matter what you think, no matter what anyone tells you, I do love you." Henry looks disconcerted by this confession. Regina's eyes are tearful. She turns and runs out of the room. Henry smiles at Emma. We cut to...

Downtown Storybrooke. David is in front of Storybrooke Hardware and Paint when he spots Mary Margaret, across the street. Stopping in his tracks he shouts out, "Snow!" She turns and whispers, "Charming." They run to each other. Snow gasps as she grabs her true love's jacket. Finally, she speaks. "You found me." Charming: "Did you ever doubt I would?" They kiss, but this time it's no stolen, dirty, shameful smooch. It's the most powerful magic of all.

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