Once Upon a Time
A Land Without Magic

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True Love's Kiss

Mayoral Mansion. Regina sits on Henry's bed. She grabs his pillow, hugs it to her and cries. I let myself feel bad for her, because I seldom learn any more quickly than our beloved characters.

Recapper's House. Husband, older son and younger son enter your recapper's office at the same time. They're all talking at once. The phone rings. It's your recapper's daughter, looking for a ride home. Your recapper hands her husband the phone and orders all three gentlemen out of her office. Dejected, they walk away. Recapper wonders if she too has a hole in her heart. She decides if she does, the wine might help fill it and takes another sip.

Storybrooke Forest. Gold is leading Belle through the woods, when she stops and tells him to wait. He tells her they can't. They're very close. Then she says, "Rumpelstiltskin, wait." She remembers. She tells him she loves him. Rumpy takes her in his arms and says, "Yes and I love you, too." When he lets her go, he says, "There'll be time for that. There'll be time for everything -- but first, there's something I must do." Belle follows him to the well, the one to which August brought Emma. He tells her about the restorative properties of the waters that run below. At the well, he uncorks the vial of true love and drops it into the well. Rumpy puts his arm around Belle as thick purple smoke rises from the well. It passes their feet and spreads out over the ground.

Hospital. Nurse Mother Superior Blue Boobs Fairy approaches Dr. Whale, whoever he really is. Emma turns to Henry and asks, "If the curse is broken, why didn't they go back?" Henry says he doesn't know. Just then a nurse, who is staring out the window, drops a chart. Emma goes to her side. "Are you okay?"

Mayoral Mansion. We hear the purple smoke rumbling through the streets. Regina does too. Rising, she goes to the window. When she sees the smoke pouring over the town, we cut back to the hospital. Emma says, "What is that?" Henry: "Something bad."

Back at the well, Belle says, "I don't understand." Rumpy says, "We're in a land without magic power, but I'm bringing it. Magic is coming." Belle looks horrified as she says, "Why?" Rumpy: "Why? Because magic... is power." When will they ever learn? Where have all the flowers gone? Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Mayoral Mansion. Regina looks out the window and smiles as the smoke envelops the town.

Outside as the smoke rushes down the street, Charming grabs Snow. They cling to each other for dear life as the smoke completely surrounds them. The clock tower clicks to 8:15. The smoke hits it and it clanks. Dun dun dun.

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Once Upon a Time




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