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True Love's Kiss

Recapper's House. Your recapper's husband enters her office and starts blathering about work. Your recapper pauses her TiVo, sighs, looks at her spouse and keeps typing. He doesn't get the hint, even when your recapper sort of pointedly moves her head toward her Mac. Finally, the kitchen timer goes off, saving your recapper's mind and her husband's life. We cut to...

Storybrooke, Night. David finds Mary and apologizes for hurting her. He talks about how he keeps making the wrong decisions and he's not even sure how that's happening. Nothing about his post-coma life sense makes a lick of sense, except his feelings for Mary. He's talking to her now because unless she gives him a reason to stay, he's going to move to Boston. Katherine put a down-payment on an apartment and isn't using it. Mary says she can't give him a reason to stay. David's eyes well up with tears, but Mary's immune to that by now. She climbs in her car. We cut back to the...

Infinite Forest. Charming shows Charming his vial of true love. Charming doubts Rumpy knows anything about true love, but Rumpy assures him he had it in his life ever so briefly until the object of his affections died. Charming wants Rumpy to cut to the chase and tell him what he wants. The true love magic must be protected at all costs, so Rumpy wants Charming to put it in a safe place -- inside the belly of the beast. He takes the vial and puts it in a gold case shaped like a giant egg. Charming doesn't understand why Rumpy wants to hide the true love potion. Rumpy says, "Let's just say, I'm saving it for a rainy day."

Recapper's House, Office. Your recapper is typing away when her cousin calls her about having brunch on Sunday. Your recapper is always up for brunch, so again she pauses the TiVo. The two women babble for a while. When the call ends, your recapper stares out the window for an indeterminate amount of time. Then she wanders to the dining room to look at the thermometer. It's sunny and in the mid-70s. Your recapper decides to open all the windows and air out the house. While she's upstairs, she makes the beds. Afterwards, she pours herself a glass of iced tea and goes out onto the front porch to enjoy the day. It's only when she wonders what she's going to do today that she remembers she is supposed to be working. Yikes! We cut to...

Storybrooke, Mr. Gold's Shop. When Emma and Regina enter, Gold takes a look at our Sheriff. "Do my eyes deceive me or is that the look of a true believer?" I just want to say that I appreciate the fact that neither Gold nor Regina bothered to pretend with Emma that the fairy tale is just a fairy tale. I was afraid this episode was going to be full of that sort of nonsense and I was dreading it. The women want Gold's help saving Henry. After Gold reminds Regina that magic comes with a price, he admits to Emma that from strands of her parents' hair he made the most powerful potion ever -- true love. Emma immediately catches on that that's why she's the savior. Gold says that when he created the dark curse, he placed a single drop of true love on the parchment as an escape valve -- just in case of a rainy day. Emma: "Well, it's storming like a bitch. Where is it?" Emma has to be the one to retrieve the magic because she's the product of it. When Emma asks where the magic is, Gold turns to Regina. "Tell me your majesty -- is our friend still in the basement?" Regina knows who he means. "Oh, you twisted little imp. You hid it with her?" Gold corrects: "Not with her -- in her." Was I the only one who was misdirected here? I really thought they were talking about Belle the first time I saw this scene. I'm so glad they're not.

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