Once Upon a Time
A Land Without Magic

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True Love's Kiss

Emma just wants to know who this "her" is. Gold tells her it's someone for whom she should be prepared. He dusts off the long case lying on his counter and opens it. Emma looks inside, "What is that?" Gold: "Your father's sword." Commercial.

Storybrooke Hospital. Emma holds Henry's book in one hand as she strokes his hair with the other. "Henry, you were right about the curse. I should have believed you. I'm sorry." She tucks the book under the corner of his pillow and whispers in his ear, "For when you wake up." When Regina enters the room, Emma tells her she has 10 minutes with the boy. Regina: "Do you know where to meet?" Emma: "Yeah. Don't be late." Alone with Henry, Regina approaches his bed. She leans over the boy and says, "I'm sorry."

Jefferson (the Mad Hatter) emerges from the shadows. "Pity, isn't it -- there's nothing harder than not knowing whether you'll ever see your child again." Regina tells him this isn't a good time, but he disagrees. He's there to collect. He wants his fresh start with his daughter, Grace. Regina tells him since Emma was supposed to eat the apple and didn't, their deal is null and void. Jefferson can't believe Regina is screwing him over yet again, because he's just that stupid. Regina points out that she knows Jefferson wants to kill her, but he can't. He doesn't have it in him. She adds, "Now excuse me. I have to save my son." We cut to...

Granny's B&B. Emma knocks on August's door and calls out to him to open up. His voice is faint as he says he can't. Emma forces her way in and finds that he's nearly completely made of wood. August: "You can see it now. You believe." To stop it, she has to break the curse. Emma insists she needs August's help. "I just talked to the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin about a quest to find magic. I can't do it, August. I can't. No normal person can." August: "Luckily for us, you're not normal. You can save Henry. You... can save... all of..." And with that, he turns completely to wood. No, this is a family show. I am not going there.

Emma meets Regina in front of the shuttered Storybrooke Library (home of the clock tower). Regina lets them in and leads Emma to an elevator hidden behind a panel. Emma says she'll get in the elevator after Regina, but Regina needs to remain above to operate it. Emma: "And I'm just supposed to trust you?" Regina: "I don't think you have much choice in the matter, Miss Swan." Emma wants to know who she will be facing. Regina only says, "An old friend," which sort of annoys me because Regina does want to save Henry so shouldn't she be prepping Emma as best she can? Emma suggests that since "he" is an old friend, Regina should talk to "him." Regina says, "Her punishment here was different from everyone else's. I trapped her -- in a different form. She doesn't want to hear from me. You have to trust me on that." Emma: "Okay, I will go down there. But let's be clear about something -- Your Majesty. The only reason you're not dead is because I need your help to save Henry. If he dies, so do you." Regina: "Well then, let's get on with it. Now this is what you're going to have to do..."

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Once Upon a Time




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