Once Upon a Time
A Land Without Magic

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True Love's Kiss

Emma's Timeline. Eventually, the dragon flies back up to Emma's level, which knocks Emma on her ass. Fortunately, her jeans are so tight they protect her from serious injury. We cut to...

Storybrooke Hospital. Mary Margaret is reading to a still-unconscious Henry and of course she's reading Snow White's story. "And yes, she was beyond hope -- beyond saving. This was her end. When Prince Charming saw his beloved Snow White in her glass coffin, he knew all that was left was to say goodbye. He had to give her one last kiss and when he did, true love proved more powerful than any curse. A pulse of pure love shuddered out and engulfed the land, waking up Snow White and bringing light to the darkness." Mary takes a second to blink back her tears, then closes the book and looks down at Henry. "Henry, when I gave you this book, it was because I knew... I know life doesn't always have a happy ending, but I thought..." Just then, the alarm on Henry's monitor begins to sound. Mary screams for Dr. Whale. He and Nurse Mother Superior Blue Boobs enter the room. Whale orders Mary out of the room and says Henry's heart rate is falling. One nurse ventilates him, while another performs chest compressions. We cut to the hallway and watch a male form in an orderly's uniform make its way to an electronically locked exit door. He punches in the security code and enters (or exits, well, you know what I mean -- he goes through it).

Look, I already know the orderly is Jefferson and so do you so I'm dropping the pretense. At the nurse's station in the secret basement ward, he gives Nurse Ratched a cup of tea. She asks about the commotion upstairs before passing out. Once she's unconscious, Jefferson grabs her keys and strolls down the hallway. Chief is mopping outside a room. The tag to the right of the door identifies its inhabitant as "S. Glass." I'd say, "Oh no, Sidney," but he's a Queenie-whipped tool so instead I laugh. Jefferson opens the next door down. Belle is lying on her cot. Jefferson tells her he needs her help to do something he can't. He tells her to find a man named Mr. Gold and tell him that Regina locked her up. Poor Belle is all, "What?" Jefferson repeats his instructions. It's most important that she tell Gold that Regina locked her up. He'll know what to do.

Enchanted Forest, Maleficent's Shore. As Charming exits the water, Rumpy is warming himself by a fire on the shore. "Impressive dearie. Very impressive, indeed. When he invites Charming to come warm himself, Charming demands the ring. Rumpy acknowledges Charming's urgency. We cut to...

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