Once Upon a Time
A Land Without Magic

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True Love's Kiss

Recapper's House. Your recapper's glass is empty. She goes to the kitchen and is about to pour some more iced tea when she notices the half bottle of wine still on the counter. Looking at the clock, she cites how many UK friends she has -- even ones she's met -- thereby rationalizing that it's not too early at all and pours herself a generous glass. No long, futile struggle with conscience, judgment or crickets in her realm! We cut back to...

Maleficent's Shore. Rumpy holds up the ring. "With this, Prince Charming, you will find her." When Charming takes the ring, the enchanted stone glows. As he walks off, he thanks Rumpy, but Rumpy tells him something is missing and magics up some princely duds for Charming. "Now, you're ready for your big moment." Charming asks why Rumpy wants Charming and Snow together. Rumpy says, "I'm a fan of true love dearie and more importantly, what it creates."

Emma's Timeline. Emma's still struggling with the dragon. She finally realizes the gun isn't going to get the job done. When she sees Charming's sword, she runs for it. The dragon chases her with its fiery breath. Emma finally gets to the sword and there's something here that, to me, is a nice parallel to her acceptance that the curse is real. This time, when she sees the sword it's like she gets it every bit as much as if she'd had magical flashes. She yells to the dragon. When it rears up, Emma hoists the sword over her head and hurls it at the beast. Being Charming's sword, its aim is true. It plunges itself into the dragon's glowing chest. The dragon bursts into flames. Emma ducks. When she rises, we see Snow's coffin to Emma's left. As the camera zooms out, it reveals the magic containing egg lying in a pile of dragon ash. Emma brushes off the treasure before she picks it up and hugs it. Commercial.

Recapper's House. Your recapper finally takes a sip of wine. Or two. But no more. There's work to be done!

Charming's Timeline. Our hero rides hell-for-leather on his trusty steed. The enchanted ring shines ever brightly as he approaches his true love. At last he reaches a clearing in the woods where the Seven Dwarfs surrounding Snow White's hand-crafted casket inform him he's too late. Charming begs them to open the glass lid anyhow. Moved by his tears and his request to say goodbye, they do as he asks. He bends over and kisses Snow White on the lips. Rainbows and sparkles shoot out of them and ripple all over the Enchanted Forest. Snow White awakens. "You found me." Charming asks if she doubted he would. Yes, I just plagiarized myself from the pilot recap. Did you ever doubt I would?

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