Once Upon a Time
An Apple Red As Blood

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An Apple A Day
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We open in Storybrooke, or do we? Regina and Henry are eating a rather bloody roast beef in silence when the doorbell rings. It's Emma. While Henry invited her, she hasn't come for dinner. She's come for Regina! Regina turns back toward their son but he's not there. In the doorway behind Emma are Mary, Archie, Ruby, Granny and Leroy. There should only be pitchforks and torches. When Regina turns from them, she's confronted by Henry carrying a good long length of rope. The better to restrain you with, my dear.

Okay, clearly this is a dream sequence, but it's a fun one. In the town square, Regina is tied to an apple tree, but the apples are pitch black. The angry mob accuses Regina of all her sins, and taunts her "majesty." Emma walks up to Regina, plucks an apple and crushes it, not unlike the way Regina crushed my poor hottie Sheriff Graham's heart. (NEVER FORGET!) She looks Regina in the eye. "Rotten to the core." Regina: "I just wanted to win. For once." Oh spare me, Regina. Emma, who feels the same way, grabs Regina by the throat. "You took away our happiness, and now it's our turn to take away yours." David gives Emma his sword. Regina begs Henry to save her, but he is so not inclined. Emma swings the sword at Regina's slender neck.

Regina wakes with a start. Once she catches her breath, she gets up and peeks in on Henry, but is fooled by the lump on his bed into thinking he's sound asleep. Rookie. Any mother worth her salt pokes the kid. I'm just saying. When my children were babies (especially my first) if they were sleeping too soundly, I'd poke them, just to make sure they were breathing. Don't mistake my parenthetical up there. I love the second and third children every bit as much, but I was much more nervous as a newbie. Even now, when I look in on them at night, I adjust their covers or kiss their cheeks. Perhaps if Regina didn't have that gaping hole in her heart, she'd be able to discern between an real live boy and artfully arranged bedding.

Emma and Henry are on the road. She took her stupid pills last episode, and is still convinced that kidnapping is a viable method of assuming custody. When Henry realizes what she's doing, he tries his best to talk sense into his bio-mom. Of course, since sense requires her to accept the fairy tale is real, Emma is not at all open to it. She doesn't want to fight for everyone, just Henry. She doesn't want to believe in the curse. She refuses to be the Savior. When reason fails, Henry grabs the steering wheel and crashes them into a ditch. Emma is freaked that he could have gotten them both killed. I'm slightly freaked that a bail bondswoman and sheriff thinks kidnapping is the best way to get back her son. Regardless. Henry says they must stay in Storybrooke. "Please Emma, they need you. Your family needs you."

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