Once Upon a Time
An Apple Red As Blood

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An Apple A Day

Enchanted Forest. Charming is forced to kneel before King George Charles Widmore, who snarls about how the young man stood to gain everything, if only he would have married Abigail -- King Midas's daughter. Charming says losing his life for love is a sacrifice he is happy to make. With an "As you wish," and a nod, the King sentences Charming to death. Guards lead our hero to the guillotine. I expect Abigail or Midas to appear and plead for Charming's life, but I am sorely mistaken. When the executioner releases the blade, it magically turns to water and splashes all over Charming's head. Queenie saves the day, or at least the moment. She saunters in and makes the King an offer he can't refuse and that he's glad to accept. She'll make it well worth his while if he'll turn Charming over to her. She wants to use him to destroy his one true love -- her one true hate -- Snow White.

Storybrooke, Day. In the yard, Regina surveys her prized apple tree. While the apples aren't as far gone as they were in her nightmare, they are starting to rot. She marches this evidence of an ever-weakening curse to Mr. Gold. He taunts that he's planning a trip out of Storybrooke. Regina is not amused. Why doesn't he care that Emma is undoing all her beautiful wickedness? Gold suggests Regina is really unhappy because she's losing Henry. The Dark Curse was meant to destroy Snow and Charming's happiness. Since all magic comes with a price, perhaps Henry is her price.

Regina wants to get rid of Emma before the curse is broken completely, but Gold reminds her that killing Emma will also break the curse. That's an elegant savior trope. I wonder if it was intentional. Regina wants him to tweak the curse, but Gold has neither the desire nor the magical means to do so. Magic is scarce in Storybrooke. Regina asks Gold why he wants the curse broken. He tells her to mind her own business. She tells him to shove his reasons and proposes a new deal which will allow her to get rid of Emma without breaking the curse. Even when Regina offers anything he could desire, Gold refuses. His advice: she'd better plan a trip, because once people wake up and remember what she's done to them, they will be out for her blood. Commercial.

Storybrooke School Yard. Children run into the building. Once they're gone, Regina plants a white rabbit card on a little girl's bicycle. The license plate reads, "Paige," so we know the bike belongs to the little girl who, back in the Enchanted Forest, was known as Grace -- daughter of Jefferson, the Mad Hatter. We cut to...

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